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Jesus, as a Teacher of prayer

Let's learn from Jesus to pray!

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On December 5, 2018, Pope Francis began a new series of catechesis on the ‘Our Father’ for the general audience in the Paul VI hall. The Pope presents to the faithful the beautiful image of Jesus as a man of prayer. As a child, Jesus prayed, with the prayers His mother had taught

The Gospels present Jesus as a man who prays. Jesus goes out to meet the crowds and preach the Word, but then He withdraws into solitude, at night, to pray. Yet He slips away- The Pope says – Jesus does not end up being a hostage to the expectations of those, who by then, had declared him a leader… He doesn’t put down roots but remain a constant pilgrim,  as well as a pilgrim towards the Father…on a journey of prayer. Jesus prays

Jesus prayed like all men and women in the world pray. Yet his way of praying was fascinating, to the point that the disciples asked him: "Lord, teach us to pray!" (Lk 11: 1-4).

The novelty of Jesus' prayer is to enter into intimacy with the Father and it is what Jesus wants to transmit to his disciples  In some passages of Scripture - Pope Francis says - it seems to be first and foremost Jesus’ prayer, his intimacy with the Father, that governs everything. It is so, for example, especially on the night at Gethsemane, when He was able to sustain the way of the Cross. (General Audience December  5, 2018)

Jesus is our Teacher of prayer. Let us learn from Him to pray: Let the heart speak, with a strong desire to enter into a relationship with our Father, so that His Will may be fulfilled in us and the Divine Will may take operating life in the creature.


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