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It's good to get together again!

Testimony on Anagni 2022 retreat

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I would like to express my gratitude for participating in this beautiful "family reunion".... First of all, I thank Jesus because He WANTED and allowed everything. I also thank those who responded to the invitation by making this retreat happen.  It has been missed for so long!!!... Participating in each retreat in the past, had as a motivation, the desire to experience days immersed in "talking about Jesus, His Will," to receive clearer lights on the path to which we have been called. This time there was also the motivation of being together, of sharing, of talking to each other, of looking at each other, of smiling.  We regained everything we had lost in these years of restrictions and now realized was important.

Jesus WANTED to communicate Himself to each of us in so many different ways. He had special care for each of us by giving us what we needed and asked for in our hearts. We received so much DIVINE LIGHT through the various meditations we had the honor of listening to, through moments of prayer, through the Celebration of the Holy Mass every day.  There were also times of fraternal sharing that made our hearts rejoice. Archbishop Monsignor Leonardo D'Ascenzo in one of his homilies during a celebration of the Holy Mass reminded us that knowing Jesus allows us to know that in His life He Himself valued being together with His disciples, coming together to share with them joyful moments and not only moments of prayer and sorrow.

In fact, everything became prayer in Jesus. Jesus divinized everything, every moment, every act of every man's life. The Archbishop pointed out that Jesus likes to joke! Those who meditate on the Divine Will writings can see how this aspect of Jesus shines through in Luisa's writings. It was good to experience everything because Jesus also liked to experience everything in us!

Thank you Jesus!

Thank you all in Jesus!


Annalisa Pellegrino
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