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Interview with Don Sergio Pellegrini and Vincenza Arbore

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Interview with Don Sergio Pellegrini, spiritual assistant of the association "Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of the Divine Will".

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What is the status of the cause, is it blocked?

The cause of beatification and canonization of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta is neither closed nor blocked. In November 2019, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints through a letter addressed to the Archbishop, highlighted some critical issues that emerge from the reading of Piccarreta's writings. It is not about errors or heresies. Nor are they individual texts or expressions in the writings. Rather, they are general conclusions that can be drawn after reading the entire body of the Diary.

So what happens now?

These observations do not close the cause. They call for a closer examination of Luisa's writings in order to bring to light other aspects that could provide a better understanding the critical issues highlighted by the Congregation. Therefore, we are considering the possibility of entrusting one or more experts to study the Diary precisely from the aspects highlighted by the Congregation. All this does not prevent that such writings can be read drawing great spiritual benefit.

Why has the cause been dragging for so many years?

Causes of canonization are very complex proceedings especially when there are copious written works by the candidate.   Luisa wrote 10,000 pages of Diary. So, no wonder her cause is still protracted for quite some time. But we should not lose hope.


Interview with Enza Arbore, president of the Association Luisa Picarreta "Little Children of the Divine Will".

What is the status of work on the House Museum?

The integrated restoration of the House Museum "Luisa Piccarreta" is advancing.  As planned, we will proceed with works to improve the usability of the building: static consolidation, rehabilitation of the subfloor of the rooms in the basement, adjustment of the electrical and fire protection system, and elimination of architectural barriers. We are also working on setting up a dissemination laboratory to offer visitors innovative and engaging services thanks to digital media In fact, a digital narrative tour and a virtual textile laboratory are planned for the rediscovery of lace-making. We hope that the combination of past and present, tradition and innovation, can bring more and more people of various backgrounds and age groups closer to Luisa, to the faith, to the culture and traditions of our country.

How is the flow of pilgrims going?

In the past two years the pandemic had a negative impact on religious tourism as well as the whole industry. With the easing of restrictions we have registered an increase in the flow of pilgrims. Last summer, pilgrims visiting Luisa Piccarreta's places were mostly Italian, but this year, we are seeing the return of pilgrims from abroad, from areas where she is well known: Germany, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Spain, Ireland, the Philippines, Chile, Colombia, the U.S., and Mexico. The pilgrims were all eager to walk in the footsteps of the Servant of God, in her country, among her people. Several of them were already familiar with Luisa Piccarreta and her spirituality because they were part of groups that regularly meditate on her writings; some of them included Corato among the stages of a journey of faith in self-discovery. In addition, many pilgrims told us that they came to know Luisa during the lockdown through social media or by participating in the initiatives (rosaries, meditations, and Eucharistic celebrations) that our Association proposed on our YouTube channel as a sign of closeness and unity during the difficult time of covid. The testimony of about one hundred and fifty faithful was significant. They  came to Corato in late September from various Italian cities. They stayed for two days under the banner of catechesis on the Divine Will given by Father Charbel of Lebanon. During the winter period the attendance of pilgrims tends to drop. For this year we have a few reservations to which will be added those who sporadically join us even unannounced. Surely after the reopening of the House-Museum the pilgrims will increase.

What do pilgrims think about the cause and its long times?

The pilgrims, the followers of Luisa Piccarreta, or rather the Little Children of the Divine Will, although embittered by this "stalemate," love Luisa for her writings. In fact, through Luisa's writings pilgrims have discovered or matured their relationship with faith, perhaps finding answers to the whys they were asking themselves. Given this, they consider Luisa a saint beyond the Church's proclamation. Moreover, Luisa was known as "the Saint" even when she was still alive. Encouraged and in line with what our Archbishop Archbishop Leonardo D'Ascenzo expressed in his Communication No. 4 of March 4, 2020, the Little Children of the Divine Will continue their journey of formation and spreading the doctrine of "living in the Divine Will." It is our concern, as far as we can, to urge everyone to meditate on the writings always relating them to the Holy Scriptures, remaining united, following the example of Luisa who always lived in obedience to the Church.

Do you have any initiatives planned?

In the near future, and presumably for the reopening of the House-Museum, we are thinking about an international congress along the lines of the IV congress  that we organized in 2015, on the occasion of the 150th year of Luisa's birth. Meanwhile, the ordinary activities of the Association continue with the fortnightly formation meetings, the commemoration of important dates related to Luisa's life, the retreats in preparation for Holy Christmas and Holy Easter, and the national retreat that, as every year, will be held at the end of June in an area of central Italy at the conclusion of the formation path.

I take this opportunity to invite anyone who wishes to participate in our activities to learn more about this distinguished fellow citizen of ours.  And for further information, I recommend visiting our official website



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- 3/28/2023
How wonderful if you choose to host another Congress, like the 4th International. It was an amazing, fruitful event and so well organized. Would you please share more detailed information about the formation path that is implemented through the Association? Is there a way for people to participate in it from afar? Fiat!