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I Thank you and bless You, Jesus!


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Peace and Good, I would like to share my testimony.

I am Italian, I have been living in Barcelona for 25 years and I am an architect.  I hadn't had a steady job for nearly three years; in January 2018 I arrived one day at the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians in Barcelona (Spain) where I found an information bulletin about the process of beatification of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta.  I read it in front of the Blessed Sacrament and I prayed together with the servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, to ask the Lord for the grace of the gift of a job.

After I finished praying, I left the booklet. As soon as I left the Church I received a phone call for a job interview.  From February 1st of that same year I began to work!

I went back to the Church to talk about it to the Salesian priests (but they didn't know anything about it) and also to take back the booklet to see if there was an address for me.  BUT I COULDN'T FIND IT ANYMORE!

“In everything, oh my Jesus, I intend to seal You with a ‘Thank You’ and an ‘I bless You’.

Oh Jesus, let my whole being send You a continuous flow of thanks and blessings,

so as to draw upon me and upon everyone the flow of Your blessings and thanks!”

(Luisa - "The 24 Hours of the Passion")

La Redazione
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- 10/29/2020
Thank you Jesus for this favor and all the favors you grant to all.