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I give you my FIAT

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I came to Corato because I was sent to Rome by the school for which I work in Colombia....Then I asked myself, "Why is the Lord sending me from Colombia to Rome?" and then I realized: I have to take advantage of it and go to Corato to meet Luisa, to know more about where she lived, to feel her close and ask her to help me understand more and more every day the gift of the Divine Will.

I love Luisa because she is God's chosen medium to share the gift of the Divine Will on earth. I love the Divine Will because It has made me understand that the Will of God has always been ONE: there is a direct and permanent communication between the Creator and  His creature, trough  electric wires, to live in the love of God with the union of the human will and the divine will. I love the Divine Will because It teaches me to pray, repair, give thanks and give mutual love unrequited by past, present and future creatures. The Divine Will teaches me to do everything I do in my life by giving my FIAT, living every act in Jesus, my looks, thoughts, the beating of my heart, my steps, my sufferings.


I thank you because you are letting us know what Jesus shared with you about His inner passion, what He felt, what He offered, what He repaired for the salvation of men. Moreover,  the call that God makes to us as creatures to return to the order and to the purpose for which we were created through the gift of the the Divine Will embodied in the Book of Heaven, in its 36 volumes. Luisa, I give you my FIAT, I want to love Jesus as you do and live in His Divine Will always, extending your love and the Kingdom with your divine love.

Eleonor - Colombia
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