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I don't want to leave...There is a great Treasure here

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My dear mother Luisa, by merging myself in the Divine Will I imprint my "I love you" in all the shades of love that God used in creating you... I love you my beloved and dear mother Luisa for your Fiat, for your sufferings, your sacrifices and all that you have done for the love of God and of all of us; I want to take possession of all the acts of our Lord Jesus Christ, of those of our Holy Mother Mary Most Holy, and of yours, I want to cover myself and everyone with them, and return those acts to the Most Holy Trinity, offering to It all of humanity clothed with all these acts in the Divine Will, so that the Divine Kingdom may come.

Lord, I enter into Your Divine Will, I take Your Power, the immensity of Your love, the immense value of the sufferings of the Son of God and of all the divine qualities, and I come to pour everything on my mother Luisa to give her all the love that is contained in Your Divine Power ...

And all together, through all the acts of Mary Most Holy and Luisa, let us say to the Most Holy Trinity: We love You, we adore You, we bless You, we give You thanks, we ask Your forgiveness. May Your Kingdom come soon.

Come Divine Will, come to reign in us.

I love you mommy Luisa,

Thanks for your Fiat.

Laila from Mexico



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