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“I am the bearer of Jesus, and I am so because I possess in Me the Kingdom of His Divine Will.”

She gave birth to her firstborn son: the first Eucharistic table

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Mary gave birth to her firstborn son, wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn (Lk 2:7).

After giving birth to Jesus, Mary wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger. She did not keep Jesus only for herself, but she gave Him to us, she put Him at the disposal of every man, of every one of us. She laid Him in the only place she had at her disposal, between the straw and the food for animals.

It is not difficult see the intention of Mary to present her son as the living bread descended from heaven that satiates the hunger of every man. The manger becomes the prophetic symbol of the Eucharistic table.

Moreover, this gesture of Mary's is an incessant call not to give in to the temptation to keep Christ only for us. We must understand that nothing belongs to us because everything we have has been given to us by the Father, beginning with faith. We are called to put into circulation the love, forgiveness and salvation that we have received in the conviction that we are only useless servants.

The Virgin Mary urges us to bring into the world the transforming and vitalizing sap of the Gospel, the sap of mercy, welcome and mutual charity, to counter the desire to excel and dominate as well as the cold and ruthless culture of division, violence and death.

The most serious sin that we could do is not to share Christ, not to share the bread of His Word with our brothers, to hinder their sitting in the Eucharistic table. We become guilty if we try to direct and deviate the work of salvation according to our desires and our views and to finalize it towards our desire for personal fulfillment, using faith as a weapon to enslave and oppress, to exercise unjust and merciless justice

In a passage dated May 28, 1937, while Luisa was immersed in the Divine Will, she saw the Virgin Mary who was as though harmonized with Baby Jesus. holding Him tightly to Her Maternal Heart, keeping Him covered with Her arms, so much so, that in order for Luisa to look at Him and cheer Him with her little love, she had to abandon herself in Her arms so that her too could remain harmonized with them, and love like Jesus and the Queen Mama loved each other. Now, while she was there, clinging to them, the Sovereign Queen, all goodness and tenderness, told her that being the Mother of Jesus means being His "bearer".

This is a gift that the Supreme Being entrusted to her; and when He was certain that she possessed grace, love and power, and the very Divine Will to keep Him safe, defended and loved – only then did He deliver the gift to her, that is, the Eternal Word. As He incarnated Himself in her womb, They told the Virgin Mary: ‘Daughter of Ours, We give You the great gift of the Life of the Son-God, that You may take ownership of Him and give Him to whomever You want. Be careful, though, to keep Him protected - never leave Him alone, whomever You may give Him to, so as to make up for them if they don’t love Him, and repair if they offend Him. You will make it so that nothing may be lacking to Him of the decency, the sanctity, the purity that befit Him. Be attentive, this is the greatest gift that We give You, and We give You the power to bilocate Him as many times as You want, so that whoever wants it, may receive this great gift and possess it.

Now, this Son is hers, He is her gift, and because He is hers she knows His loving secrets, His yearnings, His longing, such that He reaches the point of crying, telling her with repeated sobs: ‘My Mama, give Me to souls – I want souls.’ And the Virgin Mary wants what Jesus wants; she sighs and cries together with Him, because she wants everyone to possess her Son; but she must keep His Life safe - the great gift that God entrusted to her. This is why, if He descends sacramentally into the hearts, she descends together with Him for the security of her gift – she cannot leave Him alone

If He did not have His Mama who descends together with Him... How poorly they treat Him! Some don’t even say to Him an ‘I love You’ from the heart, and she must love Him; some receive Him in a distracted way, without thinking of the great gift they are receiving, and she pours herself upon Him so as not to let Him feel their distractedness and coldness; some reach the point of making Him cry, and she must calm His crying, and give sweet reproaches to the creature, that she would not make Him cry. There are souls who are never satiated with loving Him, and she gives them her love, and even Jesus’ own love, to let them love Him. These are scenes of Heaven, and the very Angels remain enraptured, Mary and Jesus feel restored from the pains that other creatures have given Them.

The Virgin Mary is the bearer of Jesus, nor does He want to go without her; so much so, that when the priest is about to pronounce the words of the consecration over the holy host, Our celestial Mother makes wings with her maternal hands, that Jesus may descends in-between her hands to be consecrated, so that, if unworthy hands touch Him, she lets Him feel her own that defend Him and cover Him with her love. But this is not enough. She is always on guard, to see if they want her  Son; so much so, that if a sinner repents of her grave sins and the light of grace dawns in her heart, immediately she brings him Jesus as confirmation of the forgiveness, and she takes care of everything that is needed to make Him stay inside that converted heart.

The Virgin Mary is the bearer of Jesus, because she possesses in her the Kingdom of the Divine Will. The Divine Will reveals to her who it is that wants Him, and she runs, she flies to bring Him, but without ever leaving Him. And not only she is the bearer, but the spectator and listener of what Jesus does and says to souls. More so, since these are the joys of her Maternity, the fruits of her sorrows, the glory of the Kingdom which she possesses – the Will and the fulfillment of the Sacrosanct Trinity.

don Marco
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