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‘He is risen. He is not here any more.’

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“One who lives in my Will rises again to light and says: ‘my night is over.’ She rises again in the love of her Creator, so that there is no more cold or snow for her, but the smile of the Heavenly Spring; she rises again to sanctity, which puts to rushed flight all weaknesses, miseries and passions; she rises again to all that is Heaven, and if she looks at the earth, Heaven and Sun, she does it to find the works of her Creator - to take the opportunity to narrate to Him His glory and His long love story. Therefore, one who lives in my Will can say, as the Angel said to the holy women on the way to the sepulcher, ‘He is risen. He is not here any more.’ One who lives in my Will can also say, ‘my will is not with me any longer - it is risen again in the Fiat.’” (Vol. 36 -April 20, 1938.

Dear brothers and sisters,

For about a year now we have been experiencing what seems to us to be an endless night of suffering and death, a desert of relationships, hugs, emotions; We dream of a return to a normality that still seems so far away.

If we abandon ourselves in the Divine Will, the Risen Jesus, who rolled away the stone at the entrance of His tomb, will remove the stones that anguish our hearts. He will put to flight our miseries, fears and weaknesses to make us rise to the Light and only in this way will we be able to say in a loud voice: "My night is over" and feel the smile of the heavenly spring.

If we live in Jesus, we will not have to look for Him among the dead because He will live in us, He will call us to enter into Him so that we, in Him, can do what He does, Jesus will make us reign with Him in a Kingdom of love, justice and peace.

He is not here; for he has risen

Then, as the Angel at the tomb we too will say: "He is risen and is no longer here", "My will is no longer with me, it has risen in the FIAT"; we will be heralds of love and hope in a time of death, and committed to building the Kingdom.

Life has sprung from the tomb, Light from darkness, Jesus has risen for us and by His Resurrection we have all purchased the right to rise in Him to a new life to be lived now, here on earth, as true risen people.

Resurrection Wishes

Vincenza Arbore, president of the Association

Don Sergio Pellegrini, ecclesiastical assistant

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