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The Acts in the Divine Will: The First Act of God

“Fiat Voluntas Tua sicut in Coelo et in terra”

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The life of holiness is not a new act that enters the life of an individual at a certain point. It should not be forgotten that this is the only and first desire of God, our Father and Creator. In His excess of love, He created man with whom He could enjoy giving all the goods of Creation, making them available to him and granting freedom of their dominion. (cfr Gen 1: 27-29).

In Eden, Adam walked with God and lived in holiness. He certainly did his first acts in the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, until he stumbled on one of the three powers which God had endowed him with in order to assume His likeness: the will.

In her Writings, while Luisa wonders about Adam’s sanctity and Jesus reveals it. Our ancestor possessed so much sanctity when he was created by God and even the smallest of his acts had such value that no saint, neither before nor after the coming of Jesus Christ on earth, could compare to his sanctity; all their acts put together do not equal the value of one single act of his. By possessing the Divine Will, Adam possessed the fullness of holiness and the totality of all divine goods so as to be able to fill Heaven and earth of which he held dominion. His every act was done in this fullness of divine goods.

In his acts, Adam gave his Heavenly Father the complete glory and love that no other creature did, because only in the Divine Will are these acts of infinite value found; outside of It they do not exist. Adam was a possessor of riches and he shared in the Eternal Will in the presence of the Divinity, because in creating him God did not leave any voids in his interior; rather, everything was divine fullness for as much as a creature could contain. And this, during the time that he lived in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, reproduced in him the most beautiful image that God wanted to give by endowing him with will, intellect and memory.

The Celestial Father was reflected in the will, communicating in the First Act His power, His sanctity and His height, and so elevated the human will by investing it with His same Holiness, Power and Nobility … between the two wills everything was in common, in mutual agreement. That is why as His first act the will of Adam was constituted free and independent, as was the first act of the Will of the Celestial Father, while the Son and the Holy Spirit concurred as the second and third acts; the Son to equip him with intellect and the Holy Spirit to give him memory.

With Luisa, and through her formation, Jesus teaches all of us to live with our acts in His Divine Will and above all not to leave It. All the acts done in His Will are so pleasing to Him that as soon as the soul enters It to act, the shadow of His light surrounds her and He runs to make His act and that of the creature one single act. And because He is the first Act of all Creation, without His first motion all created things would remain paralyzed, without strength and powerless at the slightest motion. Motion gives life; without it everything is dead.

Jesus explains to Luisa that He, the first motion, gives life and places in act all other motions. At His first motion, Creation was placed in act. Just like a machine where, at the touch of the first motion of the first wheel, all the other wheels begin to turn. Therefore, those who operate in the Divine Will move in His first motion and find themselves and operate in the motion of all creatures ... those who live in the Divine Will substitute for everyone, defend Him from all and place His motion, in other words, His very own Life in safety.

The Angels, for example, are such because they have kept themselves as beautiful and pure as when they came out of the hands of their Creator. They have always remained in that First Act in which they were created; therefore, staying in the First Act of their existence, they are in that sole Act of the Divine Will, which not knowing any other successive acts does not change and contains within itself all possible and imaginable goods. Their happiness consists in voluntarily remaining in that one Act of the Divine Will. They find everything in the sphere of the Divine Will; in order to be happy they want nothing other than what the Divine Will gives them.

Thus, in the creation of man the Divine Will was given as the primary life and first act of all his works. Having to grow in beauty and grace, he needed a Supreme Will that not only kept company with his human will, but also replaced his works. The Divine Will enters the primary life of the creature, and as long as she stays in the first Act, Its life, she will always grow in grace, light and beauty and preserve the bond of the first Act of her creation, giving to the most Holy Trinity the glory of all created things.

All the acts done in the Divine Will enter into the First Act when all of Creation began. And the acts of the creature unite with those of the Divinity (because one is the Will which gives life to these acts), are diffused in all created things just as the Divine Will is diffused everywhere, and become a continuous exchange of love, adoration and glory for all that has been put out in Creation.

In the beginning, the sanctity of man was made complete through the virtue of the Divine Will, because it came out of a complete Act of God: he was holy and happy in the soul as well as the body, because the Divine Will brought him the reflections of the sanctity of his Creator.

Now, every creature must follow this path and return to the point where the split took place; turn back to assume the Divine Will as life, as a rule, and as food to purify, ennoble, and divinize himself, and to take possession of the First Act of Creation, since the Coming of the Divine Son on earth was precisely this first act: to make known the Will of God the Father to reunite It again with creatures.

By fusing itself all in the Divine Will, the soul "reorders" and returns to the place from where it came, and the order between Creator and creature is restored. All things are in order, have their place of honor and are perfect when they do not move from the place from where they issued. The acts done in the Divine Will, and only these, are returned to the place where the soul was created and come to life in the context of eternity, bringing to their Creator the divine honors and glory of Their own Will.


Supreme Majesty and Creator of all things,

in Your Will I have made my rounds everywhere

in order for all things to glorify You, love You and bless You;

let Your Will descend upon earth,

that It may bind and strengthen all relations between Creator and creatures,

and thus all things will return to the first order established by You.


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