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A joyful encounter with Agnes, a girl from Korea who came to Corato for Luisa Piccarreta. Desiring to fulfill what God wants from her, she is making a journey of preparation to become a Missionary. She cares deeply about prayer for inner healing and considers it as her mission.

What is important - she says - is to live in the Will of God, because as Jesus refers to Luisa, the Divine Will is the Way of our Sanctification. God has given us this wonderful gift and His gifts transcend space.

When I spoke with her about Luisa, what particularly moved me was that she never used the verb "to know" but always and only the verb "to love".

“Do you love Luisa?” she asked me and the people she met these days.” I just want to meet people who love Luisa. ... I came to Corato to learn from you to love her!”

So, I also adapted to her language. When I introduced people of the Association to her I said: she is Annalisa and loves Luisa; she is Angela and loves Luisa ... he is Aldo and loves Luisa ... ... she is Sr Assunta ... and loves Luisa so much

Agnes's words reminded me of Jesus' words, when He asks Peter three times "Peter, do you love me"? and questioned me strongly:  Do I love Luisa? How do I love her? Do I give testimony?

As always happens, it is precisely the pilgrims who come from afar to always give us teachings and beautiful testimonies.

May the Will of God always be glorified and loved - Agnes says before leaving - so that we can all become His instrument

... Yes, dear Agnes, we will remember you when you are in Korea and we will pray for you, as you asked.


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- 8/6/2019
Magnificent! How dazzling bright as the Divine Will suns are Agnes' joy and truth! So reflective of our beloved Luisa's! Yes, it is good to be here...and with all the other wonderful Divine Will souls who are in love with our Luisa, our Lady and our Lord Jesus! Happy, holy Transfiguration Feastday!
- 8/6/2019
What beautiful effects the Divine Will has pouring out from this Soul. Prayers for you sweet Agnes. Yes I Love Luisa too.