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Acts in the Divine Will: In the Sacrament of Holy Orders and Matrimony

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Jesus is the fount of the Sacraments. He is the life of them, and the sacraments are the participation of His divine life and His grace which must be communicated and received only for His glory and the fulfillment of His Will. And since few are those who administer and receive them as He wishes and with the proper dispositions, the Sacraments administered and received in the Divine Will as well as the sorrow of those who would like to but cannot receive them are acts of reparation for those who abuse them. The sacraments have a direct effect in the Heart of Jesus. And so, while there are those who offend the Holy Spirit because they approach them unworthily, by appearance alone, there are those in the Divine Will who, with His help, offer themselves victims of reparation.

Holy Orders for the Priesthood

Priestly (or ministerial) Holy Orders and Matrimony are the two great ways through which the Christian can make their life a gift of love, in the example and name of Christ, and thus cooperate in the edification of the Church” (Pope Francis).

At the Last Supper, Jesus instituted the Priesthood together with the Eucharist (that is, the Eucharist begins, stems from the Priesthood), a ministry entrusted to the Apostles; so that with His own love, they may take care of the flock and govern it as leaders of the community with the power of the Holy Spirit and not with human strength, with the spirit of service - the Church of the apron for Fr. Tonino Bello - for a holy and glorious Church without stain.

Holy Orders sets man up to a supreme height, with a divine character, the repeater of His Life, the administrator of the Sacraments, the revealer of His secrets, of His Gospel, of the most sacred Science, the peacemaker between Heaven and earth, the bearer of Jesus to souls. Holy Orders is the sacrament that encloses all the other sacraments together. Therefore, when the ordained knows how to preserve the received character whole within himself, he places all of the other sacraments in safety and is the defender and savior of Jesus Himself.

But alas, Jesus reveals to Luisa that in this sacrament the most hidden pains are found, the bitterest tears, and the most heartbreaking groans. What a torture to see in the ordained a usurper in the character that is impressed upon him, how many profanations! Every act of this ordained, not done according to the impressed character, is a cry of the most acute pain. Look at us who, by virtue of baptism, have been grafted to Christ as His members, who have been marked with the priestly character and made partakers in His life and mission. We can accompany our pastors in that sacrifice through which Jesus offered Himself on the cross and continually offers Himself in the Eucharistic celebration for the glory of God and the salvation of humanity.

In the Divine Will, like Mary, we can be present on the altar of sacrifice alongside our priests. Together with Luisa, let our love exchange flow in every priestly act.  Let us impress our love in the Sacrament of Holy Orders in order to ask for priests of the Divine Will and the Kingdom of the Divine Will in them.


The sacrament of Matrimony leads us to the plan of covenant, of communion between God and His people, and which is inherent in the heart of God. It also refers us to the image of the book of Genesis (1:27; 2:24): “male and female He created them…This is why a man leaves his father and mother and joins himself to his wife, and they become one body.” Matrimony is the icon of God’s love for us and of that Love which circulates among the three Divine Persons, always and forever in perfect unity. It is the image of the relationship established by Christ with the Church, His Bride.

In the Writings of Luisa, we find that Matrimony was elevated by Jesus as a sacrament in order to place a sacred bond in it, the symbol of the Holy Trinity, the divine Love that it encloses, so that love would reign in the father, mother, and children, harmony and peace would symbolize the Celestial Family, so as to have many other families similar to the Creator’s Family on earth, destined to populate the earth as many terrestrial angels, in order to lead them back to populate the celestial regions.

But how much pain is there in seeing families of sin formed in marriage, families that symbolize hell with discord, estrangement, and hatred, families that populate the earth like so many rebellious angels who will serve to populate hell. Therefore in every marriage, God wants our exchange of love in every creature that comes to light.

From Matrimony comes the family, a small domestic church. And as such, in it must reign that love which makes sure the Kingdom of the Divine Will can be extended in all things, so that every domestic home can change into paradise. Every new couple who unites in Matrimony in order to give birth to a new family is called to have their gaze turned toward the house of Nazareth. There, every act of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph was an act of joy and happiness. There were no pains and sorrows because the Divine Fiat was always in full vigor.

Mary, in her lessons to Luisa, suggests that, as in her small family, every smallest act concerning domestic matters and relationships with other members must be animated by the Supreme Will, because there, marriage and family are in their original form. Marriage and family were redeemed by Christ, restored to the image of the Most Holy Trinity.

Matrimony, the love between spouses, should be able to generate more love because, from eternity, true Love has never been alone. It rather enjoys being able to continue in creatures and produce others from which to be loved in return.

Here in the everyday of our family life, we entwine all of our acts with those of Jesus, our smallest “nothings”, so that the Divine Fiat, investing them, may have the power to validate them and form wonders so as to astound Heaven and earth. Every little home will be the repeater of the house of Nazareth.


Oh my Jesus, let me know the magnitudes of love You convey to men,

 so that at the sight of so much love,

the desire to love You and give You enjoyment may grow more and more in me.



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