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A love letter to Luisa Piccarreta

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It was a very special day for me to be able to visit Luisa's room and her tomb.

I have been reading the Book of Heaven for about a year and a half, and this makes me happy....Since I met Luisa, I am only interested in her, no other book interests me anymore!

My dearest and beloved Luisa, I thank you so much on behalf of all of the creation and creatures that came before you and will come after you.

You dedicated your life to write the Book of Heaven, and atone for us. But most of all when I think of you, I think how you helped Jesus. You helped Jesus with his physical pains and his spiritual pains, in all of his anguishes. You helped His mother take care of Him and love Him, when He was a baby and an adult. That is what I want to do for eternity, love, adore, hope, trust and take care of Jesus, with HIS divine love.

I know I am nothing, and can do nothing on my own. But I do know Jesus loves me and I love him, and I ask Luisa and Mama Mary to help me make Jesus happy.



 Lisa Varian- Dublin - Ireland

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- 9/8/2023
This is a very beautiful poem you have written. Thank you.