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October 7, 1928 Inauguration of the House of the Divine Will

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Through the letters between Father Annibale Maria di Francia and Luisa, we understand the great desire of Father Hannibal to build a house in which the charism of the newborn of the Divine Will could shine. The gift that God, through Luisa, did to humanity should not remain hidden, it had to be known, not only through the publication of the Writings of which Father Hannibal himself took care, but it must have its center, a house and anjkj army of souls who could learn from Luisa. It is Luisa herself who was to instruct the sisters who would live in that house.

Luisa replied to Father Hannibal that she had nothing to teach, but to learn. She knew well that Jesus,   was her only Master,  so if that House was to be built, it would only be because of the Divine Will.

It was 1920; the times were difficult because of the war, Father Hannibal had neither a place nor money to build a new institute, yet he still repeated to Luisa his desire to build a house with a small army of souls who could live in the Divine Will and get educated in the Fiat. And on this Luisa could only agree: an army of souls who would lead a life of Heaven. After a few years, when the possibility of building was proposed, Luisa did not fail to "instruct" Father Hannibal that the construction should be done in the Divine Will. Even the purchase of the land, she recommended, was to be the first act done in the Divine Will and all that would later be lived in that house, should have been an act done in the Divine Will.

As we know, Father Hannibal did not see his project realized. He died on June 1, 1927: His closest collaborator Father Pantaleone Palma ended it; he inaugurated and opened the house of the Divine Will on October 7, 1928. There were six sisters of the Divine Zeal and nine orphan girls. That same evening, at about 8,00pm, to obey her confessor Don Benedetto Calvi, Luisa left her house in Via Ospedale Vecchio. She was taken by the new Mother General Sister Maria Cristina Figura and she went with her sister Angelina to the new Institute where she remained until 1938, in a room next to the "little chapel ". From there, she could take part in the Holy Mass and in all the moments of prayer with the sisters.

We can say that after many centuries Jesus fulfilled his dream: to have before Himself a prisoner like Himself is a prisoner in His Will, in the Blessed Sacrament for the love of creatures. Jesus also realized Luisa's dream: to be near, in a perpetual manner, to her One Love, her Jesus,  to always contemplate the Tabernacle from her little room, through a little window.

It is not simply a matter of remembering certain events, but of knowing how to read the divine plan, the action of the Holy Spirit that wanted to unite two charisms: the Rogate and living in the Divine Will, through the meeting of two figures, Luisa and S Hannibal who were instruments in the hands of God, workers of His Kingdom.

Charisms, as they are nourished by the Holy Spirit, are not in competition, but they intertwine, merge with each other. This is a divine work, in which all of us are simply workers.

The workers of the Gospel, as Father Hannibal called them, are those who work for the good of the people and for the realization of the Divine Kingdom. Each of us on this earth is a worker of the Kingdom of the

I want that the glory of all creatures be complete,

and that no one miss the roll-call;

and what they do not do, I do in your Will,

to give You divine and complete glory



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