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" The soul who always thinks about My Passion forms a spring within her heart."

Caresses of light

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During the period we spent in quarantine because of the COVID 19 pandemic, it seemed "necessary" to me, as to many others who follow the path of faith and life in Jesus’ Divine Volition through the writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta to meditate on the "24 Hours of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ". We wanted to address supplications and requests for mercy to the Celestial Father because of the gravity of the situation, but above all to immerse in the Passion of Jesus the sufferings experienced by those who were seriously ill with covid 19. What power our prayer elevated to God with Jesus acquires! What do we do when we contemplate Jesus' Sacrifice with the same intentions with which He offered it to the Father to obtain mercy for each and every person? Jesus Himself explains it to Luisa and she transcribes it in her diary:

…This morning my always adorable Jesus came and, hugging me close to His Heart, told me: "My daughter, the soul who always thinks about my Passion forms a spring within her heart, and the more she thinks, the larger this spring becomes. Since the waters which spring are waters common to everyone, this spring of my Passion which is formed in her heart serves to the benefit of the soul, to my glory, and to the benefit of all creatures." And I: ‘Tell me, my Good, what will You give as a reward to those who will do the Hours of the Passion the way You taught them to me?’

And He: "My daughter, I will not look at these Hours as your things, but as things done by Me. I will give you the same merits, as if I were in the act of suffering my Passion. In this way, I will let you obtain the same effects, according to the dispositions of the souls. This, while on earth - and I could not give you a greater thing from My own. Then, in Heaven, I will place these souls in front of Me, flashing them with lightnings of love and contentment for as many times as they did the Hours of my Passion - while they will flash to Me as well. What a sweet enchantment this will be for all the Blessed!"

Reading that and meditating on the Passion of Jesus with His Will knowing that we pray with Him, we are in Him who adores, thanks, repairs and intercedes for the good of creatures, allowed that the bewilderment that was felt for the dramatic reality, received the peace and strength that Jesus Himself obtained for all especially in the most critical moment of His Passion, in the Garden of Gethsemane when for every man, He wanted to experience the abandonment, the loneliness that is felt in the moment of trial.

The Apostles slept instead of praying; the second sleep was for them more serious than the first, and with this we understand that if instead of watching over Jesus we sleep in our thoughts and our fears and if, awakened by remorse, we continue to sleep preferring something else rather than His company, how much pain we would give to Jesus, but, above all, how much Grace we would lose in the situation to live.

The meditation of these hours experienced by Jesus, with Jesus, allowed us to remain vigilant and pray not to fall into the temptation of despair, to support Jesus Christ and His Church.  In fact, I think that the Church, precisely in moments of trial for humanity, becomes an easy target of mistreatment by the world. Even the souls closest to JESUS, in certain circumstances may feel shaken in their fidelity without prayer, feeling it easier to follow the spirit of the world, or even fleeing from God to join His persecutors. Therefore, praying with His Passion and intentions allowed them to feel useful to themselves and others, His co-workers in recovering what could go astray.

There is nothing more beautiful for us than to be vigilant united with You, O Jesus,

There is nothing more dutiful than to keep you company.


Annalisa Pellegrino
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