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XXIII Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Dear brothers and sisters, Fiat!

The miracle that Jesus performed regarding the healing of the deaf-mute goes far beyond physical healing, although the latter is also important. This miracle was a gift of light; it is an invitation to come out of deafness, out of the hardness of our hearts, in order to open ourselves to the vision of God, to listening to and welcoming His Word, which is, then, His very Son, Christ Jesus, the Redeemer.

This biblical episode, from the Christian perspective, teaches us that listening is very important. It is also recalled in the rite of baptism,

Jesus Master exclaimed “Ephphatha”,  over the deaf ears of the anonymous sick man.

The priest exclaimed “Ephphatha”,  for each one of us at the end of the baptismal rite. At the baptismal font, with this gesture, our personal story began: we were healed from deafness and mutism; we were included in the great family of the Church. We became hearers of the Word and received the gift of being able to hear and transmit the word of God.

Jesus unceasingly repeats “Ephphatha”,  to everyone, so that all of us may hear and speak with God, enter into communication with Him, contemplate Him in faith and experience, already here on earth, communion with the Father, in the Son and through the Spirit. The Lord knows that our ears must be open to hear the Word and our tongue must be loosened from the knot that prevents the announcement of salvation.

Only in Christ Jesus are inner deafnesses definitively vanquished, and, in Him, is man's greatest poverty healed: the tragic solitude of those who live far from God, or as if He were not there. God, instead, is love and gives Himself.

" Be opened!" Jesus wants to pronounce His “Ephphatha”,  on each one of us; He wants to free us from all deafness.

Ephphatha! is an authoritative word that Jesus pronounces also on our closures that make us deaf and dumb before Grace...

Open yourself to God who calls you to fulfill your life in a personal encounter with Christ;

Open yourself to the Word of God contained in Sacred Scripture.

Open yourself to hear and accept the teachings of the Gospel that are set forth in the Catechism of the Catholic Church;

Open yourself to the Magisterium of the Church, the Pope, the Bishops, and the Priests;

Open yourself to speak your faith with your whole life!

Open yourself to find peace, love, beauty.

Open up to listen! Listen to announce!

To listen is a word that is repeated 1100 times in the Old Testament. To listen to God who speaks to us, even when our ears are not in the physical condition to hear, because He speaks to the heart and mind of man. He wants man to decide to accept His word and make it a life and practice of behavior.

This is the miracle and what we need to ask the Lord for: to be able and to know how to listen. Only whoever accepts the Word of God will see the good, will understand the truth and the sense of what is happening. If we are able to do this we will become men and women capable of receiving, of allowing ourselves to be nourished by everything we need to live and live well. In addition, this will give us the ability to become announcers, evangelizers, witnesses, because a concrete and effective commitment to announcement must correspond to listening.

In the passage of December 5, 1938, Jesus, speaking about the beauty of living in the Divine Will, tells Luisa that this good is so great that He vividly feels His life palpitating in the creature; so much so, that He no longer needs any words in order to make Himself understood. Jesus’ breath in her is Word which invests the whole human being, turning him into His Word. The creature speaks in the mind, in the works, in the steps - the virtue of God’s creative word invests her in such a way as to be felt inside the most intimate fibers of her heart. Jesus turns the creature into His very Word; God’s Word becomes her nature. Not doing what God says and wants, would be as though going against herself. This cannot be.

For one who lives in the Divine Will, Jesus is the Word in the breathing, in the motion, in the intelligence, in the glance, in everything; to the extent that, while feeling fused and soaked inside God’s Word, not having heard the sound of God’s voice, she is surprised and says: ‘I feel as if my nature has changed into His word, and I do not know when He spoke to me.’ And Jesus says: ‘Don’t you know that I am Word in every instant? And although you are not listening, I speak, knowing that, when you enter the room of your soul, you will find it, and will take the gift of My Word.’ God’s words do not run away, but they remain and transform the human nature into themselves.

There is such a union and a transformation that, those who live in the Divine Will and God,  understand each other without talking - they speak without words. This the greatest gift that God gives to the creature: to speak with the breath, with the motion. She is so identified with God, that He uses the same manners with her which He uses with the Three Divine Persons.

don Marco
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