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XIII Sunday of Ordinary Time

The cross of Jesus makes everything new

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Dear brothers and sisters, Fiat!

The Gospel of this Sunday wants to outline the profile of the disciple of the Lord through some words that create a crescendo:whoever puts blood ties before the bond with the Lord can’t be a disciple; whoever does not take up his crossis not a disciple. Someone, hearing these words, might decide that he is not interested in becoming a disciple of such a master, and so he closes the question.

But the next statement reopens the question: whoever loses his life will find it. To find our own life is what is most important to each of us; We express this desire to find our life whenever we look for affections that give warmth to it, every time we remove the suffering that threatens us,every time we get in search of beautiful experiences, of stimulating thoughts, of situations that give us joy. Our life is made to be realized: even in this way it says that its origin is from God and its destiny is God: because inside us, in the depths of ourselves, there is the desire for beauty, joy and eternity.

The path for the fulfillment of our life is not obvious; It is not easy to understand and take the path that leads us to find our life. Each of us makes his attempts. We know the chances, successes and failures about them. Jesus shows us His way and shows it to us as an absolute path; Without potential competitors: only those who follow it radically and fully will achieve the fulfillment of their own life.

It is the way undertaken by Jesus: that of love that gives itself totally; the way that forgets death because one loves the life of the other; the way of love that puts oneself on the same plane as the one he loves: God could have saved man with a gesture of His power, the man would have remained small in front of Him and Jesus would dominate him with His love. Instead, God chose to save man walking beside him, becoming close to him, not burdening him with His omnipotent power. God became weak and suffering, and He took upon Himself the struggle of living of every man and the suffering of all the poor of the earth. From that day on, every man finds his life by making his own God's way.

How should we walk on the way of God, on the path of a total love like His? Each of us knows his own fragility, the strugglesof his heart. We can walk on God's way only by walking with Him, only by becoming His disciples, only by taking up our cross as Him, making our own life an act of total love. And we know that we can only take up our cross if we take up it together with Jesus; If we walk on the Master's path beside the Master: if in our cross there is His cross. If we go up to His cross with Him, we will know that on His cross  there is His love, there is His heart.

It is the experience that Luisa lived in enduring, with Jesus, the sufferings of His Passion. On March 8, 1901 Luisa reported in her diary an important teaching of Jesus on the cross, affirming thatit was not His works, nor His preaching, nor the very power of His miracles that made Him recognized with clarity as the God He was, but when He was put on the Cross and lifted up on It as though on His own throne – then Hewas recognized as God. So, the Cross alone revealed Him to the world and to the whole of hell for Who He really was. All were shaken and recognized their Creator. Therefore, it is the Cross that reveals God to the soul, and makes known whether the soul is truly of God. It can be said that the Cross uncovers all the intimate parts of the soul and reveals to God and to men who she is.

Upon two crosses Jesus  consumes souls – one is of pain, the other is of love. And just as in Heaven all nine choirs of Angels love Him, though each one has its distinct office – as for example, the special office of the Seraphim is love and their choir is positioned more in the front in order to receive the reverberations of His love; so much so, that His love and theirs, darting through each other, correspond continuously – in the same way, He gives to souls on earth their distinct offices: some He renders martyrs of pain, and some of love, as both of them are skillful masters in sacrificing souls and in rendering them worthy of His satisfactions.

The disciple's love for the Lord comes before that for his father and mother, but to make that love new. The disciple who follows Jesus loves his father and mother, his son and daughter, but loves them with a different love than that according to the blood ties. It is the cross of the Lord that makes everything new.

By don Marco


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