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Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God

Jesus is born in those who believe in Him

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Dear brothers and sisters, Fiat and Happy New Year!

How many themes in today's liturgy, how many suggestions, how much wealth!

The blessing of God, His light, His face, His name, His solidarity with men,  His time, Mary who keeps all those things in her heart: at the beginning of a year, each time we receive a lot.

It is significant that the first word of God given to us today is the word "blessing": Thus you shall bless the people of Israel: At the beginning of the new year, because of God's blessing, each of us is called to bless. The refrain of today's responsorial psalm can also help us to understand why it is difficult for us to bless our brothers: May God have mercy on us and bless us. Piety and blessing are intimately linked. If I am not compassionate, that is to say, a man incapable of entering into the matter and the condition of my brothers, I am also incapable of blessing. On the other hand, if a sense of pity invades me, I can recognize the good of the other. And God's blessing is not just words: God's blessing is custody, it is care. To bless is to wrap my brother, to love, to protect, to keep him, because you know that the other carries a treasure within himself, because you know that the other is a treasure.

Enlightening the other with his own face is part of this care, of this custody: The Lord make His face shine upon you; and then the commitment becomes more and more arduous, someone says, it is difficult but God tells us that it is beautiful: every brother, every sister is unique, and on all and every one, as if he were the only one, my face shines, on each and every one, may our face shine.

The beauty of this page of the Book of Numbers does not end here, there is still something very concrete that becomes a task for us who hear these words:  According to the exegetes what is translated as  “God be gracious to you, wants to mean God bending with love. It seemed to me to perceive here all the involvement, all the proximity, all the closeness of God to His creatures. Here, once again, Christmas comes to meet us for what it really is: not an irruption from top to bottom, but  "merging" with humanity.

St. Paul says first of all that the birth of Jesus is a birth that comes from a woman, Jesus was born of a woman! Well, a God fully immersed in human history,  a God who wishes to cross the path of every man and woman. In Jesus, history and time reach their fullness: when the fullness of time came; our life is filled with the presence of God because Jesus shares in everything the human condition.  Jesus was born under the law, that is in solidarity with his people, He was born of a woman, in solidarity with every woman's son, without any exclusion.

Shepherds, like Mary, go without delay, quickly. It is beautiful to think that they too, who were not so regular, so holy, can be seen as an image of the church, just like Mary. A Church called to go without delay and as the shepherds call to see, report what has been told to them, find, return, glorify, praise, listen. It is beautiful that the listener can be amazed by the shepherds, it is beautiful that Mary keeps and meditates the words of the shepherds and the events of those days. It is the same astonishment that arises in the people who listen to the witnesses of the Resurrection. Moreover, they are the same words and the same actions that will be performed by those who will be witnesses of the Resurrection.

On October 8, 1931, Jesus explained to Luisa that the Divine Will is the custodian of all acts. If the creature wants to find everything that, beautiful, good and holy, has been done in the whole history of the world, by God, by the Celestial Mama and by all the Saints, she must enter into the Divine Will – in It everything is found in act. As we are paying attention to each act, remembering it, offering it, the Saint who did that act, that sacrifice, feels called by the pilgrim soul, and feels his act palpitating again on earth, and therefore, doubled, the glory to his Creator and to himself; moreover we, who are offering it, are covered by the celestial dew of the good of that holy act. And according to the purpose, noble and high, with which it is offered, the more intense and great is the glory and the good it produces.

How many riches does the Divine Will possess! There are all Jesus’ acts, those of the Sovereign Queen, which are all in waiting to be called, remembered, offered by the creature in order to duplicate the good for the benefit of creatures, and to give God double glory. They want to be remembered, called, in order to palpitate as new life in the midst of creatures; but because of lack of attention, there are some that die, some that struggle out of weakness, some that grow numb with cold, some that have nothing with which to satisfy their hunger. God’s goods, acts and sacrifices do not set out if they are not called, because by remembering them and offering them, creatures dispose themselves to recognize them and to receive the good which the divine acts contain. Moreover, there is no greater honor that we can give to all of Heaven than offering their acts which they did on earth, for the noble, most high and sublime purpose of the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.

Once again the Gospel frees us, we are not forced. Jesus is born in those who believe in Him!

don Marco
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