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Solemnity of Pentecost

Come Holy Spirit, You are the life of the world and of the Church.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, Fiat!

The Book of the Acts of the Apostles tells that, 50 days after Easter, in the house where Jesus’ disciples were, “suddenly a sound came from heaven like the rush of a mighty wind, and it filled all the house.... And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit”. The disciples are completely transformed by this outpouring: fear is supplanted by courage, imperviousness gives way to the proclamation, and all doubt is driven away by faith filled with love. It is the “baptism” of the Church, which thus began her journey in history, guided by the power of the Holy Spirit.

This event, which changes the heart and life of the Apostles and the other disciples, is immediately felt outside the Upper Room. Indeed, that door kept locked for 50 days is finally thrust open and the first Christian Community, no longer closed in upon itself, begins speaking to crowds of different origins about the mighty works that God has done, that is to say, of the Resurrection of Jesus who was crucified. Each one present hears his own language being spoken by the disciples. The gift of the Holy Spirit restores the linguistic harmony that was lost in Babel, prefiguring the universal mission of the Apostles. The Church is not born isolated, she is born universal, one, and Catholic, with a precise identity, open to all, not closed, an identity which embraces the entire world, excluding no one. Mother Church closes her door in the face of no one, no one! Not even to the greatest sinner, to no one! This is through the power, through the grace of the Holy Spirit. Mother Church opens, opens wide her doors to everyone because she is mother.

The Holy Spirit at Pentecost pours into the hearts of the disciples and begins a new season: the season of testimony and fraternity. It is a season which comes from above, comes from God, like the tongues of fire that rest on the head of each disciple. It was the flame of love which burns all harshness; it was the tongue of the Gospel which surpasses manmade borders and reaches the hearts of the multitudes, without distinction of language, race or nationality. As on that day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is poured out constantly even today on the Church and on each one of us so we may step outside of our mediocrity and our imperviousness and communicate to the entire world the merciful love of the Lord. Communicating the merciful love of the Lord: this is our mission! We too have been given the gift of the “tongue” of the Gospel and the “fire” of the Holy Spirit, so that while we proclaim Jesus risen, living and present in our midst, we may warm our heart and also the heart of the peoples drawing near to Him, the way, truth and life.

On August 28,1912 Jesus told Luisa that virtues, as high and sublime as they may be, always cause the creature to be distinguished from her Creator. Only love is what transforms the soul in God and makes her one with Him. So, love alone is what triumphs over all human imperfections, and consumes what prevents the soul from passing to take divine life in God. However, there cannot be true love if it does not receive life and nourishment from the Divine Will. So, it is the Divine Will that, united with love, forms the true transformation with Jesus. That soul is in continuous contact with Jesus’ power,  His sanctity and all that He is; therefore she can say that she is another Jesus. Everything is precious, everything is sanctity for that soul; it can be said that even her breath or the contact with the ground that she treads is precious, is holy, because these are nothing other than effects of the Divine Will.

If all knew God’s love and His Will, they would stop leaning on themselves and, even more, on others - human supports would end. Oh, how insignificant, painful, uncomfortable, they would find them! All would lean only on God’s love, and since His love is most pure spirit and does not contain matter, they would feel so much at ease leaning within Him, and with the effects they want.

Love wants to find souls emptied of everything, otherwise it cannot clothe them with the garment of love. It would happen as to someone who wanted to wear a suit, but that suit is stuffed inside, so he is unable fit in it. He tries to put an arm in the sleeve, but he finds it blocked; so, that poor one has to either put it away or make a bad impression. The same with love: when it wants to clothe the soul with itself, if it does not find the soul completely emptied, it withdraws, embittered.

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful and kindle in us the fire of Your  love.

don Marco
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