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Solemnity of Christ the King

We belong to Jesus at all times

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Dear brothers and sisters, Fiat!

"Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews": an inscription, placed, first, on the wood of the cross”  and then, more significantly, in the heart of the faithful. The kingship of Christ draws its first origin from the Incarnation Itself. Jesus is the Firstborn of the Father; through Him all things were made. In assuming our human nature, He preached the kingdom of God, He built it with His gestures of love, He became our Savior with the sacrifice of the cross and the power of the Resurrection; He made us worthy and prepared a place in His eternal kingdom. His throne, however, after the cradle of Bethlehem, is the cross, the wood that killed him, but that is our salvation and expresses the highest example of love with the gift of life.

How different is the kingship of Christ from that of men! On His throne, He is mocked and insulted: " And the people stood by, watching, but the rulers scoffed at him, saying, “He saved others; let him save himself, if he is the Christ of God, his Chosen One!”

If we are not supported by faith, it’s difficult for us to understand that the true greatness of Jesus, our King lies in His apparent immobility, in His explicit and voluntary refusal to use for Himself the power He had used for the benefit of others. He fully accomplishes the work of His Father because He, in His mercy, ensures the good thief paradise, He reveals to us His true divine greatness, His kingship and His Lordship.

The humble prayer: "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom", and the immediate response: "Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise," make us grateful and devoted sharers in the true kingdom of God. The same prayer, with varying emphasis, has been repeated countless times, and there have been many answers of salvation.

Our king is a crucified King, but we know that, then, the Crucified Christ is risen, He became the Victor over death, the One who cancelled our sins, the One who could say not only to be resurrected on Easter morning but also that  He was Himself, in His person, the Resurrection and the Life for those who want to live and believe in Him.

Therefore, we must add the title of Redeemer to the royal one, the title of victor over death and sin, the title of our Advocate with the Father, and that of eternal priest who intercedes for our personal and universal salvation. In order to convince us of His divine kingship He wanted to make Himself present and alive within each of us, with a communion that is not only that of the faith, but the communion of His body and His blood, a  communion that "deifies us " by canceling the corrupt nature within us from sin to replace it with His holy and perfect nature.

This is the supreme gift of our King. This is the reason that makes us eternal singers of His goodness, that makes us cry out: "We want this man to reign over us."

Jesus said to Luisa that the cross matured the kingdom of the redemption, completed it, and put itself in custody of all the redeemed, in a way that if one makes themselves guarded by the cross, she receives in herself the effects that a matured fruit contains, that contains taste, sweetness and vital humors, and it makes her feel the whole good of the redemption, in a way that she matures together with the fruit of the cross, and is disposed to return in the kingdom of God’s Will, because the cross also matures the kingdom of the Divine Will.

In fact who has disposed Luisa to make her live in Him? Has it not maybe been the cross of so many years that matured her as a beautiful fruit, it took away from her all the sour/unripe tastes that the earth contains, all the attacks of the creatures, converted them in her into divine sweetness, putting itself, the cross, to watch, so that nothing might enter in her that might not be holy, that might not give of Heaven.

The cross has done nothing other than make flow in Luisa all the vital humors, it formed in her, her Jesus, and her Jesus, finding her mature, formed the kingdom of His Divine Will in the depth of her soul. And assuming Jesus Himself as Teacher with all love He spoke to her and He spoke to her of It, He taught her His ways, the life that she must hold in Him, the prodigies, the power and the beauty of God’s kingdom.

Every time that Jesus decides to manifest a truth so much is His love for it, that He bilocates His own life in every single truth that He manifests, in order to make that every truth holds the power of forming a divine life in creatures. Jesus loves so much the truths that He manifests, because there is His life that races within, and He loves so much that it be known.

How very different is His work from that of creatures, if they speak, teach, work, they don't leave their life in the word and in the work, therefore they don't regret it so much if their words and works don't have their fruit. Instead Jesus regrets it a great, great deal, because it is life that He makes race in that which He manifests.”

Saint John Paul II said: "The contemplation of Christ's face cannot stop at the image of the Crucified One. It is the Risen Christ to whom the Church now looks. Gazing on the face of Christ, It contemplates her treasure and her joy. The Church today sets out once more on her journey, in order to proclaim Christ to the world. He 'is the same yesterday and today and forever'.

Our project of life has its centre in Christ Himself, who is to be known, loved and imitated, so that in Him we may live the life of the Trinity, and with Him transform history”.

Jesus gives Himself entirely to us, right on the cross, He saved us, He made us His children in the freedom of love; we are His, I am His. I'm His at all times. It is important that I learn to choose to belong to Jesus at all times, in all situations of life, in every environment. It’s important that I am a preacher of His kingdom, a witness of His love, a builder of this kingdom of love, justice and peace on earth to participate, then. in  the eternal  Kingdom in Heaven.

don Marco
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