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Jesus and the spiritual and material hunger in the world

XVIII Sunday of Ordinary Time

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, Fiat

This Sunday’s Gospel describes the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves that Jesus worked for a great throng of people who had followed him to listen to him and to be healed of various illnesses.

As evening fell the disciples suggested to Jesus that he send the crowds away so that they might take some refreshment. But the Lord had something else in mind: “You give them something to eat”. However they had “only five loaves... and two fish”.

Jesus’ subsequent action evokes the sacrament of the Eucharist: “He looked up to heaven, and blessed, and broke and gave the loaves to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the crowds”.

The miracle consists in the brotherly sharing of a few loaves which, entrusted to the power of God, not only sufficed for everyone but enough was left over to fill 12 baskets. The Lord asked this of the disciples so that it would be they who distributed the bread to the multitude; in this way he taught and prepared them for their future apostolic mission: in fact, they were to bring to all the nourishment of the Word of life and of the Sacrament of Salvation..

Christ restores us and feeds us with His love and His Eucharist. He wants us to feed the crowds of humanity. Jesus who performs the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves is the One who knows our hunger and thirst for truth and life. He is the One who can satiate us fully. We are invited to approach Him, to listen to Him, to live with Him and for Him and to give meaning to every aspect of our lives.

How does Jesus accomplish the multiplication of the loaves? " He saw a large crowd; and He took pity on them and healed their sick”. When the disciples invite Him to dismiss the crowd so that they may go and seek food, He replies: " Give them something to eat yourselves.! The text is very sober, but we can sense the dialogue between them, we can sense disciples’ upheaval, their concern, their awareness of their poverty (they have only five loaves and two fish), the offering of their small collaboration to the power of the Lord. It is the power of the Lord that performs the miracle, but the Lord asks them to give everything they have, to do everything they can.

We have so much abundance of God's grace in the Christian faith, but do we feel compassion for people and crowds who do not know Christ the Saviour of all? The Lord wants all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. But are we willing to give all that we have (even if our faith is little), to do all that we can so that people may have the opportunity to know Christ, and to find in Him water and food for their thirst and existential hunger?

We usually struggle with that.  We say, "Thy kingdom come," but we do not offer all that we possess so that men may have the faith and salvation of the Lord. It is important, it is urgent to become aware of our task as evangelizers, as witnesses, as people who are truly concerned about the faith of our neighbor.

In the Eucharist Jesus also makes us witnesses of God’s compassion towards all our brothers and sisters. The Eucharistic mystery which is foretold in the multiplication of the loaves thus gives rise to a service of charity towards neighbour and also to our joy of goodness on earth and to the eternal beatitude promised by Jesus.

On May 10, 1937 Jesus told Luisa that each truth Jesus manifests to us about the Divine Fiat is one more growth of It that we go through, it is one more bite of food that serves to strengthen us, warm us and conform us more in It, it is one more sip we drink of the immense sea of the Divine Will, it is one more divine property we acquire. For each additional act we do in It, Jesus sets before us His celestial table, and if we love, His Love feeds us; if we move on to comprehend Him, His Wisdom feeds us.



So, God becomes our exquisite food. Therefore, in everything we do, now He feeds us with His Power, now with His Goodness, now with His Sweetness, with His Strength, Light and Mercy. So, the human littleness, by living in the Eternal Volition, absorbs God sip by sip, bite after bite, because, being little, it is not given to it – even as much as possible for a creature – to take, all together, what it must take of the Divine Being. More so, since this serves to delight each other – God, in giving, she, in receiving; God, giving of His own; she, giving God her littleness; God, working her as God wants, and she, letting God work. It is their mutual exchange, their harmonizing, their speaking to each other, that forms God’s most beautiful works, as He carries out the Life of the Divine Will in the creature

When the creature nourishes herself from the Divine Fiat, unto knowing no other food, and forms the chain of her acts, all sealed by the characteristics of the divine virtues, God remains imprisoned within His own divine virtues inside the creature; and if she loves then, it is God that makes a display of the power of His Love, of His Goodness, Sanctity, etc., in the acts of the creature. So, the power unleashed through these acts that God does in His creature is such as to invest Heaven and earth, hover over all souls, invest them and overwhelm them with Its powerful Love, making them receive the kiss of the Divine Will, in such a way that the human family will feel Its Power and Its Love, wanting to reign. More so, since this right is given to them by God hidden by means of a creature that belongs to their human race. Hence, they won’t be able to disown these rights, except for some perfidious ones; but still, God’s Power will know how to knock them down and conquer them. So, let Jesus  accomplish the work of His Will in us, don’t stand in the way, and we and  Jesus will be happy to see It reigning in the other creatures. It is the most beautiful fruit of our living fully the encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist!

a cura di don Marco
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