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First Sunday of Advent

The doors of mercy and love will be open

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Dear brothers and sisters, Fiat!

Advent: our annual path "with Christ, in Christ, through Christ", following the stages of the life of Jesus, welcoming His love and His work of salvation that becomes present and enters our life in every moment of prayer, and especially in the celebration of the Eucharist.

Advent prepares us to welcome the grace of Jesus in the memory and celebration of His birth. Christmas is a sign of grace, of mercy, of fervor, of great and sure love for Christ Jesus who came and offered all of Himself because He loves us. "God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son for us". God always loves the world with infinite love. He loves His Church, He loves each of us. God is love, always! God can only be love and mercy. This is the announcement and the truth that gives light, serenity, strength to our life, whatever happens.

Advent is preparing for Christmas, it expresses our invocation so that the Lord comes to help us and save us, it is our Christian commitment to meet the Lord and to love Him.

On this Sunday, the readings of the Word of God present the coming of the Lord in different ways.

At the same time they make us remember the coming of Jesus in Bethlehem and make us think of the glorious coming of Jesus at the end of time. This is presented, according to a literary genre and the sensitivity of the time, through an apocalyptic language. But we should not be afraid, because "the end of time" is in truth the glorious beginning of the eternal and definitive kingdom of Christ, in which - by His grace and mercy - we too will be called to live with Him, in the fullness of life and of joy, for eternity. Jesus came and continually comes to save us. And through our vigilant and industrious life we should collaborate in the kingdom of God on earth and strive to merit eternal life with the Lord.

In the passage of February 19, 1927, Jesus invites Luisa to fight with Him so that the Kingdom of the Divine Will could manifest itself definitively on earth. Luisa feels so very little, and she doesn’t feel capable and strong to fight with Jesus; more so, since a voice comes out from within a light, which says: “She is too little – how can she win this fight?” And Jesus answers  that  it is because she is little that she can win, because all the strength is in littleness.

If Luisa wins, she will win the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Nor should her stop because she is  little, because Jesus  placed at her disposal all the strength of created things. So, together with her fights all the strength contained in the heavens, in the sun, in the water, in the wind, in the sea; they all wage battle on Jesus. They do it with Jesus to make Him surrender the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat; they do it with creatures with the weapons which each created thing has in its power, to make them surrender to recognizing the Divine Will, so that creatures may let It reign as they themselves let It reign.

And wanting to win, they all have placed themselves as though in order for battle; and seeing that creatures resist, wanting to win by all means, because they have with them the strength of that Will which animates them and dominates them, with the weapons they possess they knock down people and cities, with such empire that no one can resist them. Luisa cannot comprehend all the strength and power that all the elements contain; it is such that, if the Divine Will did not keep them as though restrained, the battle would be so fierce that they would make a heap of the earth.

Now, their strength is also the strength of Luisa and of creatures who want to live in the Divine Will. So, they go around in their midst to put them in order for battle; Luisa’s acts, her continuous asking for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, call all Creation to stand at attention. And the Divine Will, moving within It, places all of Its acts in royal office in order to give and to win Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures. Therefore, it is God’s Volition Itself that fights - that wages battle with His very Will for the triumph of Its Kingdom. So, Luisa’s fight is animated by It, which has sufficient and irresistible strength in order to win. To fight in order to win the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat is the holiest fight that can exist; it is the most just and most rightful battle that can be fought. This is so true, that the Divine Will Itself began this battle and this fight as It formed the Creation; and only when It wins completely - then will It surrender.

In all situations that may occur, the Word of God gives us this great announcement of serenity and hope: there is the Lord, the Lord is with us and saves us. " When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near".

The medieval mentality abounded in particular imaginations about these things. At the beginning of the Christian faith it was not like that. Should not be like that today, because we know that the Lord did everything to make us His children, He offers us all His mercy, He wants nothing more than to bring us into His eternal salvation. This is why God invites us to live a beautiful and committed Christian life, in faith, in prayer, in charity. God invites us to " to watch out, not to let our hearts be dulled by carousing and drunkenness, and by the worries of this life". God invites us to "watch and pray always" to escape evil and to open ourselves continually to the grace of the Lord.

The apostle Paul teaches us to pray so that the Lord may make us grow and abound in mutual love and towards all, to make our hearts firm and blameless in holiness and to behave in order to please the Lord.. This is the most beautiful way to live everyday life and to prepare ourselves to meet the Lord.

We can also make a concrete application to our life:  we often encounter difficulties, worries, sufferings. The problems of the world scare us. We should be brave: the Lord never abandons us, the Lord is at our side, the Lord always comes to help us and save us. We would like to be able to affirm with a certain faith, even in all the difficult moments: "stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near In this way, we will experience that the Lord does not deny himself, but He always fulfills what He has promised.


don Marco
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