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Epiphany of the Lord

The stars of God

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Dear brothers and sisters, Fiat!

Let us contemplate the goodness of God that has appeared in our midst.

The episode in today's Gospel is reported only by Matthew. He does not tell in detail the birth of Jesus, he simply mentions it, instead he focuses in detail on the story of the Magi, these pagan wise men who we can find in the first pages of the Gospel.

It is this subject that is dear to the Evangelist: there is a new Wisdom, Jesus, that can’t be welcomed by those who do not start walking, by those who are afraid of change, by those who believe that they do not need the light. And we must put ourselves in the footprints of the Magi to welcome and adore our Savior.

It’s Herod the king that seems to be, in spite of everything, the protagonist of this page! He emerges as contrast to the attitude of the Magi: they are eager to know the Messiah, and because of that unusual astral conjunction, they move with enthusiasm. whereas Herod, and together with him all the experts sages of Scripture, are immediately frightened.

The much awaited prophecy was simply coming true! One can react like Herod to a positive event: with jealousy, with fear, even with a massacre just as it will be soon! Yet Jesus, in His kingship, does not present Himself with an well-armed army, but in the weakness of a new-born child!

God is never hostile and comes with many signs that accompany our day, to give us life. But if, like Herod, we consider Him as an enemy that can take away something from us, by asking us, just as a usurper, to give Him something that belongs to us, then we will harbor deceit, bitterness, shame, closing to life towards God, towards ourselves and others.

It is certain that God, when He comes, upsets our patterns! It is never to pursue a path already set and planned, but to follow, like the Magi, the star that precedes them on their journey.

So many stars in our history encourages us to set out on our way, they light up the desire for God and oust us from our comforts. We must not do like Herod, but like the Magi! If we Keep in us a fervent desire for God, then it shouldn't be too hard to recognize the right star for us, to lift our gaze to the sky and decide to follow its trajectory, because we will be assured that in misunderstanding, in difficulty, in the uncertainty of the path, however, it will be for a good, the good that God has for us. Only in this way we can build our lives in the fullness of light and strength of the Lord.

On January 6, 1927 Luisa, in her diary, shows a clear teaching about the coming of Jesus on earth and His manifestation to the Magi

For the great portent of His Incarnation, Jesus chose and made use of a Virgin, humble and poor; and, as His custodian, who acted as father to Him, the virgin Saint Joseph, who was so poor that he needed to work in order to support their lives.

In the greatest works God makes use of people whose outward appearance attracts no one’s attention, because dignities, scepters, riches, are always fumes which blind the soul and prevent her from penetrating into the celestial mysteries in order to receive a great act of God, and God Himself.

But in order to manifest to the peoples the coming of the Word of the Father, upon earth, God wanted and made use of royal authority, of learned and erudite men, so that, by their authority, they might diffuse the knowledges of the God now born and, eventually, also impose themselves on the peoples.

But, in spite of this, the star was seen by everyone, yet only the Magi move, pay attention and follow it. This says that, among all, these alone possessed a certain dominion of themselves, such that, as it formed a little empty space within their interior, beyond the appearance of the star, they felt His call echoing in their interior.

And heedless of sacrifices and dominating themselves, they followed the star that was united to God’s call which, more than speaking star, resounded in their interior, enlightened them, attracted them, and spoke many things about the One whom they were to visit; and, drunk with joy, they followed the star.

In order to give the great gift of the Incarnation, a Virgin was needed who would have no human will, who would be more of Heaven than of the earth. So, there was no need of external things and of human appearances, which might draw the attention of the peoples. However, in spite of this, also to manifest His only Son, God wanted men who would have dominion of themselves, which would form a little empty space within their interior, to let the echo of His call resound in it. But what was not their surprise in seeing the star stop, not above a royal palace, but above a vile hovel? They did not know what to think, and were persuaded that there was a mystery – not human, but Divine. When they animated themselves with faith, and entered the grotto and, kneeling, adored Him, as they bent their knees, Jesus revealed Himself, and He let His Divinity shine forth from His little Humanity, and they recognized Him as the King of kings – the One who was coming to save them; and, promptly, they offered themselves to serve Him and to lay down their lives for love of Him.

But God’s Will made Itself known, and sent them again into their region, to let them be, in the midst of those peoples, the criers of God’s coming upon earth.  See then -Jesus concludes - how necessary are the dominion of oneself and the empty space in one’s heart, in order to let His call resound, and to be fit for knowing the truth and for manifesting it to others.


don Marco
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