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"Woman, behold your son!": Mary in the heart of the history of salvation (part one)

In-between the will of the Celestial Mother and yours there is my human will, which is first and sustains both

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In the supreme moment in which Jesus makes the offering of Himself to the Father, He calls Mary "woman" not because He wants to place Himself above and beyond family relationships, overcoming the simple personal relationship between mother and child, but because He wants to place the little woman of Nazareth at the center, in the heart of the history of salvation, entrusting to her the task of being the mother of the new people of God, that is, of all the brothers and sisters who have been redeemed through His blood.

From the very beginning of the world, Mary was thought and desired by the Father to be the purest casket where the Son of God took our flesh by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Virgin allowed God to write every single page of her existence and under the cross she joyfully adhered to the mission that Jesus entrusted to her, that is, exercising on humanity redeemed by Him the same maternal and caring solicitude that she poured out on her son.

Christ is the new temple that is not built by human hands. He is the good shepherd who attracts and gathers around Himself all those who let themselves be met and regenerated by His mercy and entrusts all His disciples to Mary in their unrepeatable individuality. As for a mother, her children are not mere numbers, so also for the little woman of Nazareth we are the fruit of a thought of God and we are recipients of the regenerating love of the Risen Crucified Christ. Thanks to Mary we do not vanish in anonymity, we are not faceless and nameless. Mary's motherly tenderness is addressed to us personally. The Mother of the Savior nourishes an exclusive interest for each of us, for every situation of our existence, even the most insignificant at first sight. So, she gives us her attentions and her affection as if we were the only ones.

Since the origin of the world, Mary has been conceived by God to be totally immersed in the Divine Will. On July19, 1928 Jesus explained to Luisa how not only Mary was called to this, but through her, every creature is the recipient of this great gift.

In Creation, three acts concurred on the part of the Trinity, which were power, wisdom and love; and all God’s works are always accompanied by these three acts. In fact, since God’s operating is perfect, they are executed with highest power, with infinite wisdom, with perfect love, communicating three immense goods to the work He is  doing, as indeed He gave the great good of the intellect, memory and will to man. Now, in order for the Kingdom of the Divine Will to come, three wills are needed, sacrificed in holocaust to the Divinity, which, having no life of their own, would give place to His to let It reign and dominate freely, so that It may take Its royal place in all human acts - the place that befits It; because so it was established by God from the beginning of the creation of man who, ungrateful, gave the place to his human will, and caused His to lose that place. Before God, there is no greater sacrifice than a human will which, while having life, does not exercise it in order to give free life to the  Divine Fiat. This, however, to great profit for the soul, because she gives a will that is human, and receives a Divine one; she gives a will that is finite and limited, and receives one that is infinite and without limit.

In-between the will of the Celestial Mother and that of Luisa there is Jesus’ human will, which is first and sustains both, that they might be constant in the sacrifice of never giving life to the human volition, so that the Kingdom of the Divine Will might extend over these three wills to have the triple glory of God’s power, wisdom and love, and the triple reparation of the three powers of man, which - all three of them - concurred in withdrawing from the great good of the Divine Will. And if the Sovereign Queen of Heaven was engraced by virtue of the merits of the future Redeemer, Luisa was engraced by virtue of the Redeemer already come; and since millennia are like one single point for God, from that time He thought about everything, and He sustained the three wills over which the Eternal Will was to triumph.

So, we have two wills sustaining ours – that of the Celestial Mama and that of Jesus, to fortify the weakness of our will, so that it may endure remaining sacrificed for a cause so holy, and for the triumph of the Kingdom of the Fiat.

One who lives in the Divine Will is celebrated by all and is the feast of all. Why do we celebrate, from Her very conception, the state of Queen of our Celestial Mother? Because She began Her life in the Divine Will, and the Divine Will makes present to us Her glorious state of Queen, and It makes us celebrate Her with all created things, just as She was celebrated at Her conception. The feasts begun in the Fiat are perennial – they never end; and one who lives in It finds them present and celebrates along. And even though the little Queen of Heaven, from Her very conception, perceived that all revered Her, smiled at Her, longed for Her, and that She was the well-liked of all, yet, She did not know from the beginning the mystery that She was to be Jesus’ Mother – of Him whom She Herself longed for, as She knew it when the Angel announced it to Her – however, She knew that Her royalty, Her empire and the many shows of obsequies came to Her because in Her reigned the Divine Will.

don Marco
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