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Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven

The full yes of Mary to the will of God

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With the third invocation, " Thy Will be done " ..., closely related to the previous one, "Come Your Kingdom", we are at the peak of the prayer of the Our Father, and of the path of holiness of the true Christian. In these expressions there is the whole meaning of our existence, accepting to live it in order to God, not with passivity, as the world believes, but with participation, with the involvement of our own will.

The ten commandments - Pope Francis explains in his book Our Father - are the nucleus of the Will of God. They relate man to the truths of God and to his neighbor, placing man before a way to go. A road that widens as we deepen its meaning, and at the same time this way becomes more subtle as the soul becomes more delicate (stripping), more careful to catch the small acts of God's Will.

Our heavenly Father does not hide His Will, He reveals it to those who seek it; to those who do not seek it God does not impose it, He does not force anyone. He awaits them! God wants nothing, or better, no creature to be lost.

If we are sincere and open to the Lord, we will be able to do His Will. Our yes is essential. The full yes, without hesitations and hesitations, that Mary said  to the Will of God allowed God to come down among us. The Incarnate Word through Mary's Yes was able to realize His plan of salvation on man and change the destiny of humanity which was disfigured by the “no” of disobedience.

The first "no" of the origins was said when man, out of pride, escaped the Divine Will, falling headlong towards evil, into sin, getting lost. And out of fear man began to hide himself, to accuse others (see Gen 3, 10-12), and then continue to go towards a road that increasingly distances him from God, a road that makes him ugly, and makes "grow old" inside

"Where are you?" (Gen 3, 9) is the question of a Father in search of His lost son. The Father with infinite patience will try to save His child from the bad road of his will, when the human will is not in harmony with the Will of God. Saying yes to God - the Holy Father explains - is truly "original", in the sense of giving rise to a new story, a story of salvation for us and for others. Just as Mary did with her Yes. (Angelus December 8, 2016

The personal yes to the Lord, the full yes confidently said is the step to let the life of Heaven descend on  earth, to live as in Heaven. But how is Heaven's life on earth?

In the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta, in a passage from 1926, Jesus says that "as in heaven so on earth" means to live in the Divine Will, It means to pray that the Kingdom of the Divine Will might come on earth to live in It. In Heaven, the Blessed not only do the Will of God, but they live in It, they possess it as a thing and their own kingdom. In the invocation, as in Heaven so on earth  we can find the prayer so that man can  return to that Will from where he came out, to regain his happiness, his lost possessions and the possession of his kingdom, his divine origin, before his  detachment from His Creator.

In His infinite Goodness, God wants His creatures to be all heirs in His Kingdom. God does not want us as servants, but as children, because children, unlike servants, do not have to ask, they are already possessors of the Father's Goods. God wants creatures to live as children already here on earth, to experience the anticipated Paradise. Here too obedience comes into play, but it is a desired obedience, transformed into unity with the Father, where command has no dominion, but everything happens through a life of abandonment, of faith, of love.

Living of Heaven is the next step in doing the Divine Will. It means entering the sphere of Eternity and living in It, to disperse ourselves, like a drop of water, in an ocean: the drop cannot be seen, but it is there, it is part of the ocean.

Fiat Voluntas Tua as in Heaven so on earth is the center of Christian life. It is the "as" that makes the difference, it marks the passage from doing to living the Divine Will, from a Kind of resignation to an active participation, through our conformity to Christ.

The Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth is the Charism, at the service of all the charisms. The Fiat Voluntas Tua receives and embraces all the charisms. But It is also the "yearning" of a Mother, the Divine Will, who sees her children go astray, she chases them and only when she sees again her child happy, living in her house, with the opulence of her goods - then will she calm herself. And so she will be able to say:

My child has come back 

he lives together with Me, 

has come back into my Divine Will(

From the Diary of Luisa Piccarreta, 1929)


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