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Fourth excess of love: Operating love

“My Divinity was jealous of entrusting the creature with the task of Redemption, making Me suffer the Passion”

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In the fourth hour of meditation on the Holy Christmas novena, Luisa felt herself dying when she considered the agonizing pains of little Jesus, who was just conceived. She understood well that only the Divinity could make Him suffer so much and pride Itself for having loved men to folly and excess, with unheard of pains and infinite love. The internal voice of Jesus made her understand that every soul conceived carried a burden of sins, weaknesses and passions. His infinite Love commanded Him to take on everyone’s burden, and therefore He not only conceived souls but also the pains and satisfactions that each of them had to give to the Heavenly Father. Therefore, the Passion of Jesus was conceived together with Him and the Divinity was the main character of the Redemption, making the Humanity of Jesus suffer the Passion from the first moment of His conception.

Jesus points out to Luisa (vol XII, February 4, 1919) that the Divinity was jealous of entrusting the creature with the task of Redemption, leading Him to suffer the Passion. The creature was powerless to die as many times for as many creatures had gone out and had to come out in the light of creation; the Divinity wanted a life for each life of creature and a life for each death which could have resulted from mortal sin. And so Jesus reveals that when He was conceived (vol XII, March 18, 1919), He conceived in Himself all past, present and future souls as well as all the suffering and deaths He had to endure for each and every one. He had to incorporate everything into Himself in order to tell the Father to look only upon Him and not the creature, because He was to satisfy for all. This was not done in an abstract or intentional way, as some may think, but in a very real manner; He identified with and kept everyone within Himself. Therefore, in reality, Jesus died for everyone and each one individually and suffered the pains of all.

These are very profound mysteries, which the human intellect is not capable of understanding and therefore seems to get lost. Who would have had the strength, love and constancy to see Him die so many times if not the Divinity? The creature would have grown tired and failed. So this work of the Divinity began as soon as the conception was completed, already in the bosom of the Heavenly Mother who, in turn, was aware of Jesus’ pains and suffered martyrdom as well as death along with her tiny Jesus. From the Mother's womb, the Divinity made the commitment to become the "loving Executioner", being loving, more demanding and inflexible, to the point that not even a thorn or a nail was spared to the little and groaning Humanity of Jesus. Yet not like the thorns, nails and scourges that Jesus suffered in His Passion, which creatures procured Him and did not multiply because for as many as they inflicted, so many there remained. Instead, those of the Divinity were multiplied for every offense; hence, multiple thorns for as many bad thoughts, multiple nails for as many evil works, multiple blows for as many pleasures, multiple pains for as many forms of offense; pleasures were seas of pains, thorns and countless nails and blows. So compared to the Passion that Jesus suffered from the Divinity, the one that creatures made Him suffer during the last days of His life was but a shadow.

Luisa was greatly moved to see Jesus, so little, forced to endure such a hard and long crucifixion, with the addition that all evil works, taking the form of nails, pierced His hands and feet repeatedly. She also understood that neither to angels nor to men was power given to love us with so much heroism of sacrifice as to God.


Oh Jesus,

 let Your mysterious Passion

become light for the human intellect

and let everyone behold You as the absolute Way, Truth and Life.

Your Kingdom come,

and may our lives be perfectly conformed to Yours;

only in this manner will we safely walk the Way that leads to union with the Father.

Tonia Abbattista
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