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Meeting of the Divine Will groups of Sicily and Calabria

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Sicily, with its natural and architectural beauties, was the background to the regional retreat between the Divine Will groups of Sicily and Calabria which took place on Sunday May 27, in Messina. Already when we traveled by ferry from Calabria to Sicily, the enchanting beauty of the landscape immersed us in the spirit of the "rounds", the typical prayer of Luisa, who wanted to take God’s Love and make it her own; moreover she wanted to bring it to all creatures and then to give it back to God in the name of everyone, impressing her "I love you" in each created thing.

Moreover, Messina, for us, little Children of the Divine Will, acquires another meaning: it is the city of Saint Hannibal Mary of France,  the "first apostle of the Divine Fiat and proclaimer of It " as Jesus Himself described him in Luisa’s writings. Saint Hannibal was also the founder of the Congregations of the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus and the daughters of Divine Zeal. And it is precisely in the Institute Cristo Re (Christ the King) of the Rogationist fathers that the first part of the retreat took place.

It began with the morning prayer, and then it continued with the talk held by Don Marco Cannavò. He highlighted Luisa's two missions: one of victim (being a victim together with Jesus in the work of the Redemption) and the other of living in the Divine Will to give God back the complete glory of all creation. "Up until now - Jesus said to Luisa - you have occupied before Me the office which my Humanity had upon earth. Now I want to give you the office which my Will had within my Humanity". With Luisa we move from doing to living the Divine Will; but this does not happen overnight, but gradually, through a path (union-conformation and consummation) that leads us to fuse ourselves in God.

Jesus wants so much that we live in the Divine Will, "It is the most important thing for Me; the thing which I cherish the most. –He disclosed to Luisa - All other things do not interest Me as much, not even the holiest ones. And when I obtain that the soul live in my Will, I feel triumphant - because this is the greatest good which can exist in Heaven and on earth". I hope - don Marco concluded – that this may happen in the life of each one of us, making this path more and more united to the Will of God.

A moment of dialogue followed the moment of listening. Many of the participants in the retreat shared their experience, highlighting the wonders of the Divine Will in their lives, transforming them totally.

In the afternoon we began the retreat with the Eucharistic Adoration meditating some excerpts taken from “the 24 Hours of the Passion”  wishing to unite ourselves to the suffering of Jesus, with Jesus. The Eucharistic Celebration, instead, took place in the crypt of the Basilica of Saint Anthony which contains the incorrupt body of St. Hannibal. An immense joy pervaded all of us in being there, It almost seemed to reciprocate the visits that St. Hannibal often made to Luisa.

Celebrating the Holy Mass on this altar, under which there is the body of St. Hannibal, arouses a particular emotion - Don Marco commented in his homily - because a saint like Saint Hannibal contains the sense of the priestly ministry that starts from prayer. In fact, the charism of St. Hannibal is the Rogate ... The vocation of all priests starts from prayer, because it is in prayer that a person feels the call that then becomes concrete in the priesthood. What moves me most, is the role that St. Hannibal played in the life of Luisa Piccarreta; so, for us who walk on the roads of the Divine Will praying on this tomb means looking at a priest who worked hard so that the knowledge on the Divine Will and the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat could be manifested to all.

Saint Hannibal continues from Heaven the mission that he began here, on earth ... indeed, now, even more vigorously. In the passage of June 1, 1927, the day of his departure, Jesus describes him as enveloped in an immense light: “everything which that soul, so dear to Me, has done, all the knowledges he has known about my Will, have caused him to enclose as much light within his soul. So, each additional knowledge is a greater light that he possesses, and each knowledge places a distinct light in the soul, one more beautiful than the other, together with the seed of the distinct happiness which each light contain…So, as long as he remained on earth, his body, more than wall, walled up that light; but as soon as his soul went out of the prison of his body, he found himself invested with the light he possessed and he began to feel the beginning of the life of true beatitudes. And diving into the eternal light of his Creator, he found himself in the Celestial Fatherland, in which he will continue his mission about my Will, assisting everything himself, from Heaven”.

Finally, after Mass we invoked the protection of Saint Hannibal, we entrusted to him our path in the Divine Will and asked him to let the love of the Lord mold us to become Apostles of the Kingdom, as he was.

The retreat in Messina was the last, for this year, of a series of meetings organized by the Association Luisa Piccarreta. They were characterized by the desire to cultivate the spirit of communion and prayer among the various groups scattered throughout Italy. We are meeting in Assisi on June 22-23-24  on the occasion of the national retreat of the Divine Will groups. In September, this project in the various regions of Italy will start again, with a calendar that we will soon publish.


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