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Meeting of the Divine Will Groups in Puglia and Basilicata - May 20, 2018

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On Sunday, May 20, on the solemnity of Pentecost, there was a meeting with the groups of the Divine Will of Puglia and Basilicata at the House of the Divine Will in Corato. Saint Hannibal Mary of France had it built for Luisa. Luisa moved there and was placed in a room adjacent to the chapel in front of the altar and remained there for 10 years. For Luisa that change was a source of joy and novelty because, as she was bedridden, she went out in the garden, seated in a wheelchair. It was there that "the miracle of the sun" happened.

In an atmosphere of brotherly welcome and after having prayed the morning praises we listened to the first meditation. It was held by Don Marco Cannavò, on the theme "Luisa's mission and our life". Don Marco, through a historical context, highlighted the figure of Luisa Piccarreta as a mystical soul and a continued victim. Moreover, he emphasized that there have always been mystical souls in history (Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus ) just as there have been souls to whom God asked sacrifices until the sacrifice of His beloved Son.

What’s Luisa's novelty then?

It lies in the fact that where other sanctities reached their point of arrival, for Luisa it is the starting point. Although the practice of virtues is necessary for everyone, with Luisa there is the passage towards a divine holiness, that is, the same holiness of Jesus on earth. Luisa was entrusted with the task of transmitting to humanity the truths of the Divine Will through which Jesus shows how His divinity acted in His humanity. All this to bring humanity back to the condition of Adam before sin and begin to live the relationship between father and son as in the earthly paradise.

After the Virgin Mary (Co-redeemer) and Jesus, Luisa thus becomes the second link to which all other creatures will be joined. At this point we might ask ourselves: Is this great spirituality just for chosen souls? Jesus promised that it is for all those who arrange themselves to welcome divine knowledges, (not for their own merits) and who follow the same steps that Jesus had Luisa do. Don Marco in fact said that the foundations of the Divine Will are in the first volume and then gradually we can reach the truths on the Divine will by following the various steps, up to the fusion of our life with that of Jesus as two candles that merge.

All of this passes through suffering; Luisa and the Virgin Mary have been tried; our Celestial Mother also knew suffering. This was the theme of the second conference "Mary Mother and Queen of the Divine Will".  As Mary unceasingly sacrificed her will, she could became  Mother of humanity, right in the moment of her total self-giving, under the cross of Jesus. Mary embraced suffering, she repaired it, she loved it and even when she did not understand, she accepted and kept the Will of God.

Therefore, it is our duty to shape our life on the example of Mary and Luisa to continue this luminous trail of the virtues on the Divine Will so that the Supreme Will may descend on earth.


Anna Maria Ardito
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