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Why do you love Luisa and the Divine Will?

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We would thank Mr and Mrs Esheneour who came from Waterloo NY, USA with their daughter and grandchildren. With great  joy they went to Corato to see the places where Luisa lived and wrote her diary and above all, “to pray for her intercession that the Kingdom may come”.

They asked the little Daughter of the Divine Will to help them always to live in the Most Holy Will of God and bless their family so that they may all become Children of the Divine Will.

When I asked: Why do you love Luisa and the Divine Will? Mrs. Esheneour answered "Because of the Love of the Divine Will for me!".

Let this answer be an example for each of us because, we can always correspond to God's infinite love, fulfilling His adorable Will in us.

Be careful my daughter, to correspond to Me in the so many graces I am pouring into you, because correspondence is the open door to let Me enter into the heart and form in it my dwelling… Everything is in corresponding to Me, and according to how souls correspond to Me and treat Me on earth, so will I behave with them in Heaven. Making them find the doors open, I will invite the whole Celestial Court to welcome them, and I will place them on the most sublime throne.” (Jesus to Luisa)

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