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Luisa, an example of humility

Pilgrims from Mexico

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His Excellency Bishop Benjamín Jiménez Hernández of the diocese of Culiacán, Mexico, came to Corato to visit the house of  Luisa Piccarreta and pray on her tomb. He was accompanied by a small group of Carmelite nuns and some laymen.

  "We are in Corato asking for the intercession of Luisa so that she can help us to welcome and live the Divine Will in our life. In Mexico, we pray " The 24 Hours of the Passion". For us Luisa is an example of love and humility .. ".

When I see humility, I let flow, abundantly, any kind of celestial favors. Therefore…, with simple eye,  look always into your interior, to see whether you are invested with beautiful humility. If you knew how much I like humility…. It  is the littlest plant that can be found, but its branches are so high as to reach Heaven and penetrate even into my Heart.” (Jesus to Luisa)


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The entry where Jesus speaks to Luisa about humility. Where in the volumes does Jesus speak to Luisa these words? Thanks.