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Acts in the Divine Will

Almighty and Eternal God, guide our acts according to Your Will.

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The Will of God is an inestimable, most precious treasure, but one which we do not yet know and which we accept only through resignation and with detachment.

Jesus, with His coming, wanted to personally manifest to us the Holy Will of the Father with His Incarnation.

To be born and to die, the Alpha and the Omega and in the middle, that which we call life - that phase in which growing up, we become autonomous, we work, act, and we put out our “I”.  Lives that may look alike or different, but all unique and unrepeatable. Lives carried out according to a vocation, to an ordered, linear, simple state, or lives led by pursuing a longed for freedom, a yearning need to prevail.  But all are the result of our actions, the intertwining of our acts. Life is woven with acts. It is a constellation of acts.


So, what is an act?

“A manifestation of a determination of the will or of a feeling (an act of heroism; an act of courage), expressed also in a ritual formula (act of faith, act of charity, act of sorrow). It is a motion, a gesture, a sign. In theology: human act, the morally assessable result of the practical choice of man accomplished in a climate of reflection and freedom. Then, as a first consequence: an act is not the whole will, but a particular manifestation of a determination of it.”

But these acts must not be lost nor fade into nothingness as indeed the life of each one of us. In the eyes of God Our Father, we are a precious good; we occupy a place of value in His Heart.


Jesus came to teach us true life and to give meaning to our acts, redoing them all to rebuild man who had gone astray because of sin. “Jesus became man so that man would no longer fall and so that he could ascend to God” (St. Peter Chrysologus). And in order to redo man perfectly, Jesus started from the act of His conception and, passing through His practical life, He arrived at His death, the last act of His earthly existence; thus divinizing the whole life of the creature, whose purpose is: to give honor and glory to God in all things and to do good to souls, which is exactly why the Heart of Jesus burns - to sanctify. Pope Francis, in his last apostolic exhortation Gaudete et Exsultate, wants to echo once again in our hearts the call to holiness from which no one is excluded and no one is favored on this journey.


In the light of the Divine Will, the “manner” in which to proceed on this journey is union with Jesus in everything, in each one of our acts - natural, involuntary, human, and voluntary - so that all of our acts may be converted into divine acts.


A condition is therefore necessary: knowledge of the Divine Will, from which prayer and abandonment in It takes life, the disposition of the soul, the recognition of its nothingness, the emptying of oneself, distancing oneself from everything that may be of personal interest, stripping oneself of what is human and forming the void of one’s own human will in order to give place to Jesus. With an act of generosity and trust, abandon yourself to Him with the intention of pleasing Him alone.


It is Jesus Himself Who reveals to Luisa that the most beautiful act, the one which most pleases Him is the abandonment of the creature in His arms, of the soul in His Will, so much so that the soul no longer remembers that her being exists, but everything for her is the Divine Volition. By abandoning herself completely in His Will, the soul destroys her own being and reacquires the Divine Being. She gives Him more honor because she gives everything that He could demand from the creature, coming to reacquire in Jesus that which came out of Him, and the soul comes to reacquire only what she should reacquire, that is, God with all the goods that God Himself possesses.

Therefore let us begin by giving Jesus our body, so that He may continue to live His Humanity in our humanity, so that it may be Him living His acts in us. In this way, there will be many Jesuses walking on the earth.

Let us call Him in everything continuously. No act should be neglected, be it the flutter of eyelashes or the beating of the heart. Let our prayer be: “Lord, here I am! Take my will and You come to live Your Divine Will in me; come to think in my mind…Jesus, I love You; Divine Will, come to look in my eyes…Jesus, I love You; come, Divine Will, to beat in my heart…Jesus, I love You; come, Divine Will, to breathe in my breathing…come to speak in my mouth. And with It, I want to give You all the glory that creatures should give You, but do not…Jesus, I love You; come, Divine Will, to suffer in my suffering.”


Jesus again tells Luisa not to let any moment of her life pass that is not united with His, that is, in all her actions, whether they are prayer or suffering, rest or work, silence or conversation, sadness or joy, and even in taking of food. In everything she will have to place the intention of giving Him all the glory that creatures should give in such actions and of making up for the good that they should do and do not, intending to repeat the intention for however much glory He does not receive and for however much good they fail to do.


The acts in the Divine Will are therefore acts of praise, glory, thanksgiving, and reparation. They have the power to perform miracles, to convert, to save souls, and to call all souls to grace. They do not necessarily have to be great works because it is God operating for us and turning a single, small, and mundane act into a wonder that is all divine. He asks only for our collaboration, the handing over of our miseries, and He will multiply them and make of them a wealth for the benefit of all (cf. Jn. 6:11).


The acts in the Divine Will, as we will see in the next reflections, are therefore acts of universal character. They are creative acts, powerful and full, complete and eternal. They recall the single Act of God. They are the acts of Jesus and they are the acts of Mary, she who lived in Divine Will, conceived by the Divine Will. They are the acts of Luisa, formed by Jesus Himself to life in the Divine Will. They are acts that bring us back to a single Center from which they came out, so that we may become one with the Most Holy Trinity.



make all souls one with Us…

May all be one;

as You, Father, are in Me and I in You,

may they also be in Us



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