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Acts in the Divine Will: like Mary

"A pure action done solely for God forms in the pure heart a kingdom where the Lord is the absolute master" (St. John of the Cross)

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Mary, our heavenly Mother, is that creature in whose heart God dwelt and the Divine Will reigned and operated without obstacles. She, inseparable, fused with Jesus precisely because She totally surrendered Her life to the Divine Will. Despite having a human will, Mary lived every one of Her tiniest acts ordered to the Divine Will because one was Her sigh that made the Word descend upon the earth. After all, the Divine Persons had not created Her to keep Her at a distance. They wanted to enjoy Her as a daughter. They wanted to hear how Her words animated by the fiat had the power to put peace between God and the creatures. They loved to be won by Their little daughter and to hear Themselves repeat: "Descend, may the Word descend upon the earth".

God, therefore, wondrously used Her to carry out His designs and to renew the two wills again, the human and divine, separated by the pride of man, the sin that "emptied" the man of the Divine Will.

But how, where could the Word descend? Who would She have to be, She who would have to lend Her flesh to Her Creator? This is why a creature was chosen and, by virtue of the foreseen merits of the future Redeemer, was exempted from original sin. Her will and the Divine Will were one. She understood all the pain that reigned in the Most Holy Trinity because man had broken that union with the Divine Will, getting stuck in his own plans and preventing all divine goods from being communicated to him, all the graces that They wanted for him above all created things, in order to be enriched by the same Love and attributes that come out of the same Trinity. With his will, he is instead deprived of beauty and holiness, he is void of every act of divine value. And therefore She, sorrowful because of the great misery of man, fearing, did not want to grant even a single act of life to Her will. She kept Herself little so that Her will would have no life in Her, but would grow beautiful, holy, full of grace because the same Divine Will was working in Her and She was returning all the acts of the Supreme Will.

And not only was She all in order with the Divine Will, but She made all the acts of creatures Hers. By absorbing in Herself all of the Divine Will rejected by them, She repaired It, loved It, and, holding It as a deposit in Her virginal Heart, prepared the food of the Divine Will for all creatures.

She collaborated, cooperated in the Redemption in order to obtain the salvation of all humanity, and She continues to cooperate with the Church in the work of salvation (cf. LG 63) by having embraced the salvific Will of God, with a participation that is unique, unrepeatable (cf. St. John Paul II).

Now, as in Mary for Redemption, the same must happen through Luisa for the work of the Fiat Voluntas Tua: the human will must not have life in her and, making all the acts of the Divine Will in each creature her own, she will have to place them in Jesus.  And while in the name of all she will reciprocate the Divine Will, It will form in her all the food necessary to nourish all generations with the food of the Divine Will.

And with Luisa we are all called to collaborate with God in the realization of His plans, so that the Supreme Will may descend and come to reign on the earth, investing all generations, winning over and conquering all.

God therefore asks for our participation, our Fiat, which recalls the Fiat of Mary and with which it must be associated, supported by our commitment, by the many, innumerable acts which make up our lives, but where all this is not only for our life, for a single life. His works always have a universal resonance. Thus the Divine Will will not come down among us without our cooperation.

Mary embraced the acts of all generations that were necessary in obtaining the longed for Redeemer. Her acts of virtue, of love, of prayers, of desires and of fiery sighs were such and so many as to surpass and reciprocate all the love, the virtue with which She had been enriched by the Supreme Majesty. And Jesus, finding in Her the complete love of all creatures and all the acts required to merit the Word being conceived, restored the divine glory and all the acts of the redeemed and even of those to whom Redemption would serve as condemnation for their ingratitude, then, with a last display of His love, was conceived. By embracing all the acts of the generations, substituting Herself for all, it was as if everyone gave them birth to new life from her maternal womb. Therefore for Her, the right of the name Mother is innate, it is sacred.

Thus Luisa, in letting the Divine Will reign in all her acts, embraced all generations and, receiving all the acts of the Supreme Will rejected by creatures, opened Heaven again so that It may descend among Its children. Now, according to our possibilities, it is up to us, the first of those generations called to know and make known this Sanctity, the task of drawing the Kingdom on earth, not rejecting the acts of the Supreme Will and embracing the acts of all. The generations will not pass until the Divine Will has its triumph.

Like Luisa, let’s ask our Mama to hide our little acts of love, of adoration to God, of thanksgiving, our sighs, our supplications, our tears, our pains in the great sea of ​​Her love, of Her adoration, of Her sighs, of Her supplications, so that one alone may be the love, one alone the adoration. To make use of Her own way, of Her own seas of love and graces in order to win over the Supreme Majesty and make Him surrender His Kingdom on the earth.

In Her lessons to Luisa, our Celestial Mother offers us all her help as support of our acts, so that they may encounter the divine satisfaction and smile, since She, as Queen, has the primacy over all the good acts of the creatures.

Mary, as Queen, has the mandate and the right to withdraw all of the acts of creatures into Her acts. Her love as Queen and Mother is so great that, as creatures dispose themselves to form their act of love, She, from the height of Her throne, showers down a ray of Her love, invests and surrounds their act of love in order to put Her love first, making it rise again in Her own ray of love in the fount of Her love, so that the Supreme Majesty may find in Mary love that always arises for the Divinity, the love of the creatures, of Her children, fused in Hers, and that She, with the right of Queen, withdraws into Her sea of ​​love. Or if creatures adore, pray, repair, suffer, from the height of Her throne they make descend the ray of adoration, the ray of Her prayer, the ray of Her reparation.  The vivifying ray issues forth from within the sea of ​​Her pains and invests and surrounds the adoration, the prayer, the reparation, the sufferings of creatures; and when the acts have been made and formed, the same ray of light makes them rise again up to Her throne and they merge in the fount of the seas of adoration, of prayer, of reparation, of the sorrows of the Celestial Mother. It is She who runs to put Her first act over all the acts of creatures. She surrounds, helps, compensates, embellishes, fortifies all of their acts, fulfilling Her role of Mother and Queen. These acts of Her children, fused in Hers, keep them in Her power before God to defend them, help them and as a sure pledge that (Her children) will reach Her in Heaven.

Mary lived all of Her acts in the Divine Will for us, to make us live of that life that She herself lived on earth. Her acts as the brightest Suns continue to emanate Light on earth as in Heaven and they hold open the gates of Eternity for Her children. Let us look at Mary, let us learn from Her, let us live like Her and, as Luisa, be able to one day say: "I see a long, beautiful and spacious Road, illuminated by infinite and resplendent Suns ... Oh, yes! I know them! They are the Suns of my acts done in the Divine Will ... ".





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