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Behold the servant of the Lord: the "yes" of Mary

I will give My own place in her Maternal Heart to those who live in My Will. She will raise them for Me, guiding their steps and hiding them in her Maternity and sanctity”

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Mary looked up shyly before the angel Gabriel. Her dark and deep eyes plunged into the contemplation of the mysterious and divine being that was sent by God to meet her. Her lips opened and she whispered: "How is it possible?".

The Virgin Mary did not doubt the angel's words, she did not consider what the angel said to her unrealizable. The history of Israel is in fact studded with extraordinary interventions by our omnipotent and merciful Lord. Mary knew perfectly well that God accomplishes everything He wants. However she was not passive and uncritical. She tried to understand how the promise of Redemption, in which she believed and hoped, could finally be fulfilled and how she, as a little woman from a remote village in Galilee, was called to be a part of the realization of such a great project.

The hesitation and amazement of Mary is humanly comprehensible. As she always did in her life, even now she was willing to accomplish God's will, giving herself. But she could not help but highlight her personal situation. Mary's heart was full of God and she was ready to offer him her body too. However, she feared that Joseph did not believe her, did not understand her choice and he could rejected her, Mary was afraid of being rejected by her own people. Judged as an adulteress, she risked being stoned according to the Mosaic law. In the hesitation of Mary there is all the immense respect of God for her freedom and the delicacy with which He addressed her, in fact He did not impose on her to say "yes".

We too often remain speechless and amazed at the Lord's Will. There is nothing wrong with hesitating in the answer, asking for explanations and advice, highlighting our condition, verifying our possibilities and abilities. We should learn to dialogue with the Father, to address our questions to Him, to show Him our difficulties, doubts and uncertainties. Prayer is our irreplaceable instrument; it should become indispensable for our life. True prayer is profound harmony, exchange of love with the One who loves us and to Whom we can trust everything. Prayer is not an unconscious sequence of formulas or empty words that do not concern us and do not involve us.

The angel's answer was simple and mysterious at the same time. All Mary need to do is put herself at God's disposal. The Spirit that at the beginning of creation hovered over the waters, as the life-giving energy of the Celestial Father, would come down to Mary; The Spirit of God would spread its shadow upon her. In Mary’s virginal womb, life would sprout, and the three times Holy, the Son of the Most High God, would be born of her. Mary's motherhood would not have been the work of man, but a pure gift of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. In her the eternal Word of the Father could be made flesh because Mary’s heart was already inhabited by God. Through her oblation, the Lord exalted her and ennobled her. She would be the only woman eternally mother and eternally virgin. She did not know a man and would not even know him in the future, because what would have happened in her was an unspeakable and unfathomable mystery.

The Lord asked a lot from Mary, indeed, He asked everything, and Mary with total availability pronounced her "Fiat". Her total adherence to God's Will and project led her to be the Mother of God and of the Church.

In the last passage of Luisa's Diary  (December 28, 1938) Jesus showed to Luisa how great Mary's motherhood is, especially for creatures.

The Great Queen was not Jesus’ Mother only in conceiving Him, delivering Him to the light, feeding Him with her milk, and offering Him all the possible cares that He needed during His infancy; this was not enough, either to her Maternal love, or to Jesus’ love as her Son. Her Maternal love was always running through Jesus’ mind, and if sorrowful thoughts were troubling Jesus, she laid her Maternity in each one of them, hiding them inside her love and kissing them. Jesus could always feel His mind as if it was hidden under her maternal wings, which never left Him alone; each one of His thoughts was kept by His loving Mother, who gave Him all her Maternal attentions. Her Maternity was placed in each one of Jesus’ breaths and heartbeats; and if His breath and heartbeats felt smothered by His love and suffering, she would run with her maternity to free Him from His suffocating love and put balm on His pierced Heart. If she looked, spoke, worked and walked - she ran, as a Mother, to receive in her maternal love Jesus’ glances, words, works and steps, investing them with her love and hiding them in her Heart. She would also make her maternal love flow in the food she prepared for Jesus, so that while eating it, He could feel her loving maternity.

Who could say how much she loved Jesus and how much Jesus loved her? Jesus’ love was such that in everything, He could not be without feeling her Maternity within Him. She run, never to leave Him alone, not even in His breathing. And Jesus called her. Her Maternity was for Him a need, a relief, a support for His Life down here.

In all Jesus and Mary did, love was never obstructed between them; the love of one ran into the love of the other to form one single life. But in wanting to do the same with creatures, how many obstructions, rejections, ingratitudes do they find. As the Virgin Mary laid her Maternity inside and outside of Jesus' Humanity, so she was made and confirmed as Mother of every thought, every breath, every heartbeat and word of creatures, placing her Maternity in their works, in their steps and in all their sufferings. Her Maternity runs everywhere. If creatures are in danger of falling into sin, she covers them with her Maternity to prevent them from falling; and if they do, she leaves her Maternity as help and defense, to make them stand up again. Her Maternity runs and lays also on the souls who want to be good and holy, as if she found her Jesus in them. She becomes Mother of their intelligence, and guide of their words, covering and hiding them in her maternal love, in order to grow as many other Jesuses

Her Maternity shows on the beds of the dying. Using the rights of authority as Mother given to her by Jesus, in such a tender tone that He cannot refuse her anything, she says: ‘My Son, I am the Mother, and they are my children; I must save them. If you don’t grant me this, my Maternity would be compromised.’ And as she says this, she covers them with her love, hiding them with their Maternity to rescue them.

Jesus’ love was such that He told her: ‘Mother, I want you to be the Mother of all, and I want you to do for all creatures all that you have done for me, laying your Maternity in all their acts so that I will see them covered and hidden in your Maternal love.’ Jesus’ Mother accepted and remained confirmed, not only as the Mother of all, but also as the One who would invest each of their acts with her maternal love. This was one of the greatest graces Jesus have given to the whole of human generations.

But Jesus’ Mother receives also pains! Creatures even reach the point of not wanting to recognize her Maternity - of denying it. Therefore the whole of Heaven prays and anxiously waits for the Divine Will to be known and to reign. Then, the Great Queen will do to the children of the Divine Will what she did for her Jesus, and her Maternity will have life in her children.

Jesus will give His own place in her Maternal Heart to those who live in the Divine Will. She will raise them for Him, guiding their steps and hiding them in her Maternity and sanctity. Her Maternal love and her sanctity will be impressed in all their acts; they will be her true children, being like Jesus in everything. How Jesus would love everyone to know that if they want to live in the Divine Will, they have a Queen and a powerful Mother who will compensate for all they lack. She will raise them on her maternal lap, being with them in everything they do, molding their acts as her own; to the extent that they will be known as the children grown, kept and educated by the loving Maternity of my Mama. These will be the ones who will make her happy, the ones who will be her glory and honor.



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