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12. Charity does not enjoy injustice, but favors truth (Part Two)

"The truths about the Divine Will are Suns that form the perennial day in the soul; every revealed truth is a new Creation"

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St. Paul, in Romans 12:9, exhorts: “Let love be without any pretense. Avoid what is evil; stick to what is good.” But in order to adhere to the good, we must know and love God, the Supreme Good, to strive to be “the new man created according to God in justice and in the holiness of truth” (Eph 4:24). God, who is charity and truth without end, so loved the world that He gave His only Son, who is true Light, divine Truth.

“Whoever does evil hates the light, but whoever lives by the truth comes into the light” (Jn 3:16-21). Let us therefore be guided by this Light who is Christ: Way, Truth and Life.


Jesus, in the diaries of Luisa, explains how His light vivifies and warms souls and He affirms what John had already said about Him (Vol III, February 12, 1900). The truth is light which the Word brought upon the earth. Just as the sun illuminates, vivifies and fecundates the earth, so does the light of truth give life and light and render souls fruitful in virtue. Even though many clouds obscure this light of truth, which are the iniquities of men, in spite of this, it does not cease to send forth glimmers of vivifying light from behind the clouds, so as to warm souls. And if these clouds are clouds of imperfection and of involuntary defects, this light, piercing them with its heat, makes them vanish and it penetrates freely into the soul. And just as the light of the sun (Vol III, March 9, 1900) fills the whole earth from one end to another, in such a way that there is no land which does not enjoy the benefit of its light, nor a person who can complain about being without its beneficial influence, so is the Grace of Jesus.  It is an image of the sun, which inundates the people everywhere: poor and rich, ignorant and learned, Christians and unbelievers - no one, no one can say he is without it, because the light of truth and the influence of His Grace fill the earth more than the sun in its full midday.


God has great plans for the creature. He is not content if she does good works outside of the Divine Will and forms little lights only useful in marking the steps on the road to salvation, but He ardently desires that she learn to live in the Divine Will, because in this way she will act under the reflection of the eternal Sun of the Divine Fiat which possesses the source of light. Then the human action, converted into sun, will be fed always by the source of light, neither subject to being extinguished nor decreased in light (Vol XXIII, November 2, 1927).


In the Diaries of Luisa, Jesus often emphasizes that His word is not only Truth, but it is also light. Using some extremely clear examples, He thus explains the power that His word has. When a light enters a dark room, what does it do? It dispels the darkness and reveals whether the objects there are ugly or beautiful, if there is order or disorder; and by the way the room is presented, one can judge the person who occupies it. Now human life is the dark room, and when the light of truth enters into a soul, it dispels the darkness, that is, it reveals the true from the false, the temporal from the eternal. It therefore drives away vices and puts the virtues in order, because being His Holy Light, since it is His own Divinity, it cannot communicate anything other than sanctity and order. Thus the soul feels the light of patience, of humility, of charity, etc. coming out of itself. The words of Jesus are full of truth and of light, and they carry with them the substance and the virtue (Vol XIV, March 7, 1922) of transforming the soul into truth itself, into light itself, and into the very good which they contain, in such a way that the soul does not only know the truth, but she feels within her the substance of operating according to the truth which she has known. The truths of Jesus are full of beauty and attraction, in such a way that the soul, taken by their beauty, lets herself be enraptured by them and she remains so in love with His truths that it is impossible for her, even at the cost of her life, not to put them into practice.


Jesus, again in the Diaries of Luisa, speaks to us extensively about the incalculable good involved in speaking or listening to the divine truths. (Vol XXIII, September 21, 1927). The truth is more than miracle. It brings with itself permanent divine life, and wherever it arrives and to those who listen to it, it bilocates together with its life in order to give itself to whomever wants it. Therefore Jesus affirms that His truths are perennial light, not subject to fading, and life that never dies. How much good one truth of mine can produce? It can form the saints, it can convert souls, it can disperse the darkness and it has the virtue of renewing the whole world. In short, the truths about the Divine Will are Suns that form the perennial day in the soul. Every revealed truth is a new Creation. Every truth contains in itself a beatitude, a happiness, a joy and a distinct beauty (Vol XIII, January 25, 1922). The truths known on earth are divine seeds that sprout beatitudes and joys. Truths are perennial life because they come from the womb of God (Vol XXXIV, May 16, 1937). One must be amazed at this declaration: truths are perennial life because God, in manifesting a truth, does not put out heaven, the sun, the wind, but rather His very life as the bearer of divine life to the creature. The other miracles, even Creation itself, are works, not life, but the truths are perennial life, and if they find those who welcome them, they bilocate, they multiply themselves in an incredible way for each creature, so that everyone can keep them for themselves as life that belongs to them. These truths, as divine parts, resemble the Supreme Entity in everything. They are not voice and they speak, they do not have feet and they walk, they enter into intelligences and form the thought to make themselves known, they transform wills in order to be possessed, they renew the memory to not forget, they communicate in the ways of the heart in order to be loved. Truths are nothing but the palpitating life of the Divine Being in the midst of creatures. Therefore there is no miracle similar to the great miracle of when God makes a truth issue forth from Himself: it is a life that exposes, which, more than the Sun, will make itself light of the creatures and, darting with its vital heat, will mature its Life first in the one to whom it is directed in order to then spread itself to those who want to receive it.


Nothing remains for us to do except deeply consider the exhortation that the apostle Paul again makes in Ephesians 5: "If you were once darkness, now you are light in the Lord. Behave, therefore, as children of the light. The fruit of the light consists in all goodness, justice and truth". We will be able to reform our lives if we direct our actions, our words, our thoughts toward the light of the Supreme Fiat. May the truths about the Divine Will that Jesus was pleased to reveal to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta captivate, with their beauty, the soul of every man on earth, so as to desire to remain in the labyrinth of their beauties, without being able to ever leave, in order to experience a balsamic air that they possess which, if breathed, lets in the air of peace, of sanctity, of divine harmony, of happiness, of light that purifies everything, of burning love, of power that conquers everything. (Vol XXIII October 30, 1927).



Fiat, forever Fiat

Tonia Abbattista
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