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Christ, King of the Universe

You are our King and our Savior

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Dear brothers and sisters, Fiat!

This Sunday, the Church concludes the liturgical year and celebrates the Feast of Christ the King. Christ is the Alpha and the Omega, the Principle and the End, the fulfillment of all things.

Christ is the king of the universe. He is the king of all and everyone. Christ is my king: He is the One who conquered me giving all of Himself. Christ has freed me, now I belong to Him. He calls me to be an active member, an important person in His kingdom. The kingdom of God is life, It is the Church, It is humanity. His kingdom is the kingdom of heaven.

The Apostle Paul gives a very great vision of the centrality of Jesus. Paul presents Jesus as the Firstborn of all creation: in Him, all things were created, through Him and in view of Him. Jesus is the center of all things, He is the principle of all things. God has given Him fullness, totality, so that all things may be reconciled in Him, the Lord of Creation and of reconciliation.

This image shows us that Jesus is the center of creation; and therefore the believer should recognize and welcome in his life, thoughts, words and actions the centrality of Jesus Christ. And so, our thoughts will be Christian thoughts, thoughts of Christ. Our works will be Christian works, works of Christ. Our words will be Christian words, words of Christ. Instead, when we lose this center, because we replace it with something else, there are only damages, for humanity, for the environment around us and for every man.

Besides being the center of creation and reconciliation, Christ is also the center of God's people. He is here, at the center of each of us. He is in the Word, and on the altar He is alive, present, among us who are His people.

Christ is the descendant of King David, He is the "brother" around whom the people are constituted, He is the One who takes care of His people, of all of us, giving His life. In Him we are one: one people; united to Him, we share only one path, one destiny. Only if we have Him as center, we have identity as a people.

Christ is the center of the history of mankind and also the center of every man's history. We can give to Him our joys and hopes, the sadness and anguish of our life. When Jesus is at the center, even the darkest moments of our existence are illuminated, and He gives us hope, as happened for the good thief who turned to Jesus and obtained salvation

We need to pray to hasten the kingdom of Christ, that is a kingdom of justice, love, peace, forgiveness, love. The world really needs this kingdom, it needs Christ the Savior.

We are called to be the collaborators of Christ, the builders of His kingdom. We should bring to everyone the truth of Jesus, the profound values of His gospel, of His style and life choices. In order for the world to be "human", it must be "Christian", that is, according to the Heart of Christ, His kingdom, in the newness of love. Every age needs this; even today's humanity is called to implore and build the kingdom of God, the civilization of love and not of hatred.

On July 14, 1926 Luisa said that Jesus made Himself seen with His Heart open, and at each heartbeat of His a ray of light came out, at the tip of which one could see a ‘Fiat’ impressed. And since the beating of the Heart is continuous, as one ray would come out another would follow, and then another one – they never stopped coming out. These rays invaded Heaven and earth, but all of them carried the ‘Fiat’ impressed on them. And not only His Heart, but as He looked, rays would come out of His eyes; as He spoke, as He moved His hands and feet, rays would come out, all of them carrying the Supreme Fiat as glory and triumph. It was an enchantment to see Jesus – beautiful, all transfused in these rays of light that came out of His adorable Person. But what gave Him sumptuousness, majesty, magnificence, glory, beauty, was the ‘Fiat’. Its light eclipsed Luisa, and she would have stayed there for centuries before Jesus, without saying anything to Him, if He Himself had not broken the silence, telling her that the perfect glory and the complete honor were given to the Divine Will by Jesus’ Humanity. It was precisely in His interior, in the center of this Heart, that He formed the Kingdom of the Supreme Will. And since man had lost It and there was no hope that he might be able to acquire It, His Humanity reacquired It through intimate and unheard-of pains, giving It all the honors due to It and the glory that the creature took away from It, so as to give It back to the creature.

So, the Kingdom of the Divine Will was formed inside His Humanity, therefore everything that was formed in His Humanity and came out of It carried the mark of the Fiat. Each one of His thoughts, gazes, breaths, heartbeats, each drop of His Blood, everything – everything carried the seal of the Fiat of the Supreme Kingdom. This gave Jesus so much glory and embellished Him so much, that Heaven and earth remained below and as though obscured before Him, because the Divine Will is superior to everything, and puts everything under Itself as Its footstool.

Now, in the round of the centuries Jesus looked for one to whom to entrust this Kingdom, and He has been like a pregnant mother, who agonizes, who suffers because she wants to deliver her baby but cannot do it. Poor mother, how much she suffers, for she cannot enjoy the fruit of her womb! More so, since the existence of this birth, which is mature and does not come out, is always in danger. More than pregnant mother has He been for so many centuries – how much He has suffered! How He has agonized in seeing the interests of His glory in danger – both of Creation and of Redemption.

More so, since He kept this Kingdom as though in secret and hidden in His Heart, without even the outlet of manifesting It; and this made Him agonize even more, because not seeing in the creatures the true dispositions, that He might give this birth from Himself, and since they had not taken all the goods contained in the Kingdom of Redemption, He could not venture to give them the Kingdom of the Divine Will, which contains greater goods. More so, since the goods of Redemption will serve as provision, as antidote, so that on entering the Kingdom of the Divine Will, they might not repeat a second fall, like that of Adam. So, if not all of these goods had been taken – on the contrary, they have been tampered with and trampled upon - how could this birth, His Kingdom, come out from within His Humanity?

Therefore Jesus  contented Himself with agonizing, suffering, waiting - more than a mother, so as not to expose this dear birth from Himself, His Kingdom, to any danger. And so, while agonizing, for He wanted to deliver of It to give It to the creature as gift, and to secure the interest of Creation and Redemption which were all in danger – in fact, until man returns into the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, God’s interests and his will always be in danger, because outside of the Divine Will man is always a disorder in God’s creative work, he is a clashing note that takes the perfect harmony away from the sanctity of His works – Jesus looked at the round of centuries, waiting for His little newborn (Luisa) in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, placing around her all the goods of Redemption for the safety of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. And more than a suffering mother, who has agonized for so long, He entrusts to her this birth from Himself and the destiny of this, His Kingdom. And it is not only Jesus’ Humanity that wants to deliver of this birth that cost Him so much, but the whole Creation is pregnant with the Divine Will, and agonizes because It wants to deliver of It for the creatures, to establish once again the Kingdom of their God in the midst of creatures.

Therefore Creation is like a veil that hides the Divine Will, which is like a birth within It; but creatures take the veil and reject the birth present inside of It. The Kingdom of the Divine Will is the sun, but while they take the effects of the sun which, like veil, conceals the Divine Will and the goods It produces, they reject the Divine Will, they do not recognize It, nor do they let themselves be dominated by It. So, they take the natural goods present in the sun, but reject the goods of the soul – the Kingdom of the Divine Will that reigns in the sun and wants to give Itself to them.

The Kingdom of the Divine Will is the sky, looking at the creatures with its eyes of light, which are the stars, to see if they want to receive It so that It may reign in their midst. The Kingdom of the Divine Will is the sea; It makes Itself heard with its roaring waves, and its waters hide It like a veil. But man makes use of the sea, he takes its fish, but does not bother about the Divine Will, and causes It to agonize, like a birth constrained in the womb of the waters. So, all the elements are pregnant with the Divine Will: the wind, the fire, the flower, the whole earth – they are all veils that conceal It.

Now, who will give this outlet and relief to Jesus’ Humanity? Who will break these veils of so many created things that conceal It? One who will recognize in all things the bearers of the Divine Will, and paying the honors due to It, will let It reign in her soul, giving It dominion and her subjection. Therefore, Jesus encourages Luisa to be attentive,  to give this contentment to Him,  who has agonized so much until now to release this birth of His Supreme Kingdom; and together with Him, the whole Creation, as a single act, will break the veils and will deposit the birth of His Will that all things conceal.




don Marco
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